Halloween Dorm Decor on a Budget

Halloween is coming up and this means time for decorating. But this can be a problem for us poor college students. But it is possible to decorate your dorm room without completely depleting your bank account. You can also create a very spooky atmosphere without taking out a huge chunk of your time, which is also an important asset to all college students.

The most time consuming part of transforming your room will be making the drapes. But as you will see, this shouldn’t interfere with your studying or socializing very much and you may already have many of the supplies. You will need enough lightweight gauze to cover your windows from top floor, so that it puddles slightly to add to the creepy effect. You will also need scissors, brewed coffee, and a spray bottle. First, you will need to remove any curtains you have hanging already. Then hang gauze over the curtain rod and cut a panel so that it is even on both sides and creates a “puddle” on the ground. Cut as many panels as you need. Next, brew some strong coffee and pour into the spray bottle while still hot. Lay panels on a tarp or hang outside then spray with coffee to instantly add age. Let dry. Return the panels to the curtain rods. Alter the edges and bottom of each panel by slicing or cutting chunks out of them. Hold the scissors at a downward angle to make several holes all over the drapes. Repeat and rip holes open until satisfied with their state of disintegration.

While your drapes are drying you can place synthetic cobwebs anywhere you like. Do as much or little as you want. Cobwebs are inexpensive, so that should not be a concern. But you also don’t want to overdo it. Try to keep it simple and somewhat natural looking. Feel free to add those plastic spiders if your budget allows.
Then when you really want your room to look creepy, bring on the fog. Fog is easy to make. All you have to do is pour water on dry ice. The hotter the water the more steam it will make. The main concern is putting the dry ice and water into a container that looks appropriate and will keep the water off your floor. The most obvious solution is a cauldron, or any pot that can pass for a cauldron. If you place a fan near the dry ice fog it will disperse throughout the room more evenly. If you don’t already know where to get dry ice, this site should help you find some: http://www.dryiceinfo.com/fog.htm.

The finishing touch to make your room the creepiest in the dorm is lighting. Candles are of course a wonderful way to create a spooky dim light. However, most college campuses don’t allow candles because of the safety hazard. You can still create the perfect Halloween lighting with a black light or Halloween lights which are similar to Christmas lights but usually have ghosts, pumpkins, or some other Halloween themed coverings. Halloween lights also come in colors such as orange and purple. And now you are equipped with the basic tools to create an eerie atmosphere in your dorm room. Feel free to add and subtract as needed to make the design all yours. Have a Happy Halloween!



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