Halloween Gift Baskets for All of Your Friends and Family

Gift Basket Ideas for College, Co-Workers, Kids, and the Crafters

If you want your Halloween celebrations to fall somewhere between vicarious fun and all night partying, then you should consider creating a Halloween gift basket for your closet friends, family members, or coworkers. Here are five suggestions on creating themed gift baskets for Halloween.

Halloween Beverage Basket

A Halloween beverage basket is a gift sure to please anyone on your shopping list who loves to indulge in a cup of hot tea or coffee on occasion. By starting early you can pick up a packet of coffee (a one pot “sample” bag is usually $1.00 – $1.25), and individual sizes of hot chocolate and cider mixes. Throw in the odd container of instant coffee and some boxes of Pumpkin Spice tea when they show up in October and the work is done. By spacing the cost across the entire month of October, a bucket full of coffee and tea treats can be put together for less than $5.00 per week. Be sure to decorate the coffee packets and cocoa mixes with fun Halloween stickers and spooky names (Creepy Colombian, anyone?).

Halloween College Care Package Basket

If you have a college kid who doesn’t have to worry about putting on the freshman twenty, then a good supply of Halloween candy should fuel their late night study sessions until Thanksgiving. For an added bonus through in some Laundromat size versions of laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc. The candy can be picked up at any store, and a quick pop in a Laundromat or warehouse store will produce the smaller laundry products.

Halloween Kiddy Bags

If your child’s school is going to be hosting a Halloween party, then picking up some Halloween themed bags at a dollar store is a great idea. A few pieces of Halloween candy can be added to each bag as can one or two Halloween trinkets, such as theme erasers and pencils. All of these items can be had in packages at the dollar store. A few packets of each item should do several goodie bags.

Halloween Office Pal Basket

If you have a pal at the office, then do a fun and freaky Halloween basket. Ideally present this gift a few days ahead of Halloween, so they can enjoy the present before the overwhelming deluge of the actual day arrives. A cute twist is to decorate an “inbox” tray with removable Halloween stickers and bury some office products like post-it notes, highlighters, and Sharpies underneath a layer of their favorite treat.

Halloween Cute Candy Wrapper Basket

This last basket is an excuse to get crafty for a friend who will appreciate it. For the next few weeks save your candy bar wrappers then lay them out cleanly (and slightly overlapping) and heat seal them with a laminate. Take a hole puncher to the various portions of your laminate to create gaps for sewing and string five pieces together into a customized bag. (Extra heat and really good glue also come in handy with the bottom portion.) When you have your bag all set fill it with candy or other goodies and call this Halloween a wrap!



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