Halloween Home Decorations: Homemade Pumpkins

The weather turns cool, the leaves begin to fall and the children are back in school. It is the perfect time to decorate your home for Halloween. Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. No need to go out and spend a lot of money on Halloween decor made in China though. Instead use items from around your home as well as a few items you need to pick up to make your house festive for Halloween with pumpkins at every turn. Let your children get in on the Halloween decorating fun too by giving them some pumpkin crafts to spruce up the home.

Pumpkin Pillows
Decorate your throw pillows to look like pumpkins by using orange fabric and wrapping them up. Pin back square ends with safety pins first to create a round look. Take the orange fabric which you can get at a fabric store for a couple of dollars a yard and wrap up the pillow. Tie the cinched together ends tightly in the back of the pillow with rubber bands or orange hair bands. Use fabric glue or simply sew on black buttons for the eyes, mouth and nose. If you have small children then consider using a black felt pen instead of buttons.

Pumpkin Lampshades
Create a lit up pumpkin on your lampshades by cutting out black felt cloth into pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth. Use double-sided tape to stick to the lampshades.

Hanging Pumpkins
Use orange construction paper that you cut into 1 inch wide strips and then shorten several pieces by and inch or two creating four different lengths. Stack the strips on top of each other with the longest strips on the outside and the shortest on the inside. Staple together the bottom. Hold the top of the strips together and push the outside strips down creating a pumpkin look. Once they look like a pumpkin then tape the top of the strips together. Cut out a green piece of construction paper to look like leaves at the top of a tomato. Cut a slit into the middle and slide it on top of the pumpkin strips. Poke a hole into the top of the pumpkin strips with a pen. Pull a string through it and tie it to something in your home such as a light or chandelier. Create several more hanging pumpkins to create a pumpkin patch.

Paper Chain Pumpkins
Using black and orange construction paper, fold the paper accordion style lengthwise and cut along the folds. Draw pumpkin faces on the paper strips. Use a white crayon or colored pencil for the black construction paper strips. Glue the ends of the first strip together overlapping creating a circle. Wrap the next strip through the first and glue the ends together. Repeat until your chain the length you want. Drape around a staircase hand rail or along shelves.

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