Halloween Know Hows: Decorating Your Apartment for Halloween

Decorating your apartment for Halloween may seem to be a bigger challenge than you may want to take. However with a few simple tips and tricks you can have your apartment ready for a spectacularly good time this Halloween. Depending on your decorating knowledge and skill you may be more ready than ever to get decked out for this holiday.

One simple trick would be to create a focal point in your apartment. Instead of decorating wildly and without aim. Pick one room to go wild with and stick with it. The one room that you may want to pick should be a room in your apartment that has a considerable amount of traffic, say your living room.

You can paint if you like but that makes a fun task a grueling job. So take the easy route and install a curtain rod at the top of one wall and hang a black sheet or other piece of Halloween style material from it and set up a focal point in front of it. Items such as ceramic pumpkins are great for indoor Halloween decorations.

Another idea you can use to get into the indoor Halloween spirit would be to take and find or make a nice scare crow. You can stand this scare crow in any corner you want in your apartment simply by hanging him on a wooden dowel or yard stick and planting him a terra cotta flower pot that is big enough to support the scare crow’s weight when filled with dirt or gravel. If you do not want to stand him in a corner you can always put him in a chair or even on your couch if you like.

Crafty ideas come in multitudes, especially at or around the holidays. Decorating an apartment for Halloween can be as simple as you decide to make it and virtually any in or out door decorations will work provided that space does not become a problem. Some decorations are too bulky to have indoors such as the inflatable decorations everyone has seen at Christmas time. These are not very home friendly. Ideally you would like to consider some decorations that you are comfortable with and ones that will not scare the daylights out of you in the middle of the night.

So if you are scare sensitive you may want to consider some of the more mild decorations. Remember that decorating your apartment should be fun and fulfilling not a chore. So relax and have fun. This could be your best Halloween yet.

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