Halloween Paper Crafts: Pumpkin, Bats and Lanterns

Halloween is a time of crafts, especially for children. They really get into the season. Here are just a few paper crafts that are very simple, and children would especially enjoy them.


• Orange construction paper
• Green construction paper
• Scissors
• Black crayon or marker
• Glue stick
• Different sizes of round objects

You can make all different sizes to hang all around the house. Using round objects, trace around them on orange construction paper. Cut out.

With black marker, draw lines from top to bottom to represent the indentations on the pumpkin. Draw eyes, nose and mouth.

Free hand a stem for your pumpkin out of green construction paper. Cut out. Glue to top of pumpkin.

With hole punch, punch a hole in the top of the stem. Put a green piece of yarn through and tie. Hang where ever you would like.


• Black construction paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Wiggle eyes (optional)
• Clothes pin

Draw body and wings onto black construction paper (see picture). Cut out.

Glue body to wings. You may either color eyes in, or use small wiggle eyes.

Glue bat to clothes pin.

Alternate: You may use a coffee filter painted black, and scrunch up in the middle. Wrap a black pipe cleaner around the middle. Cut the edges of the filter to look like the bat wings. Glue to clothes pin. This one you would want to use the wiggle eyes for.


• Orange construction paper
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Green pipe cleaner

Fold the construction paper in half along short sides. With scissors cut slits beginning on the folded side up to about an inch from the top edge. Cut slits all the way across.

Then unfold. Roll paper long ways into a tube. The slits will balloon out. Staple along edges to hold it together.

Staple the pipe cleaner to the top to use as a handle. Hang anywhere you like.

I love making these very simple crafts at Halloween. I have made them for years. I work with children, and they seem to really enjoy making these.

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