Halloween Party Crafts

With Halloween right around the corner many of us are planning Halloween parties. Here are a few craft ideas to keep the kids entertained.

Painted candles

For these adorable decorations you will need Black candles, White acrylic paint, and candle painting medium. Candle painting medium is available at most craft stores and allows the paint to stick to the wax. Mix paint with candle painting medium following package directions. Paint designs freehand, or download free stencils. It’s that easy!

Halloween luminaries

These luminaries can be used to line the sidewalk and help trick-or-treaters find their way. You will need white paper lunch bags, several colors of construction paper, glue sticks, scissors, craft sand, and votive candles. Spread everything on the table and let the kids go wild with their imaginations. They can use the construction paper to make pumpkins, bats, scary faces, or whatever they want. Glue the creations to the outside of the white bag then fill each back with sand. Place a votive candle in each bag and line the sidewalk or drive. Once the votives are lit they make a beautiful light.

Paper Pumpkin

For each pumpkin you will need 1 sheet orange construction paper, scrap strips of brown and green construction paper, white craft glue, a pencil, string, and scissors. Cut orange construction paper into half-inch strips. Wrap strips around a pencil. Remove from the pencil and glue the end of the strip to close the circle. Repeat for as many circles as you need to create your pumpkin. Lay the circles on your work surface and arrange them into the shape of a pumpkin. Glue the circles together. Cut three green strips about three to four inches long. Curl the end of each strip around a small paint brush or simply roll it up to get a tighter curl. Glue the straight end into the top of your pumpkin to create the green leaves.

Cut a brown strip of paper about two inches long. Fold in half and insert into the top of the pumpkin to create a stem and secure with glue. Once everything has dried, you can tie a piece of string through the pumpkin stem and hang from a suction cup hook.

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