Halloween Pencil Topper Craft: Great for School Party Favors

This is a relatively easy craft that a child can actually assemble with little help from adults. It is a fantastic change of pace from all the sugar and fatty foods oftentimes sent to school parties and is one that kids can use for weeks later, enjoying the pencil and topper in the classroom.

In fact, it is such a simple craft to assemble that with older students, you can actually assemble craft kits for the kids to make themselves as an activity at the party. With the addition of an extra pencil and topper for each child, the older child can make one not only for themselves, but for their younger school buddy as well. It is a priceless moment when the older students are allowed to present the pencils to a class of admiring Kindergarteners and an exercise in kindness as well.

For in presenting the pencils and toppers to the younger kids, they show compassion and caring as well as model sharing for the younger student. The younger student in turn will remember this kindness well past their early years in school and will look forward to presenting a present of their own as they grow older.

This would be an excellent craft and Character education unit to repeat each year with kids of 4th, 5th or 6th grade levels. As the kids look up to the older students they will remember how they felt when they were presented with the craft and will in turn have the pride of being the presenter as well.

Materials needed:

white foam craft sheets (each sheet holds between 6 and 8 ghost shapes, purchase enough sheets for 2 pencil toppers per child plus extras for emergencies) the thinner craft foam works best for this craft as it bends more easily, a plus when this craft is concerned.

Pencils with a Halloween theme. (again purchase enough pencils for two per child with a few left over for emergencies and extra teacher gifts)

Pattern. (see the dimensions of the ghost in the picture and draw an approximate ghost of the same size and shape, making sure it has long arms.)

Googlie eyes…(again, plan for 2 eyes per ghost + 2 toppers per child = 4 eyes per child plus extras) an option for the eyes could be black marker eyes but if this is used, the marker should be sharpie and should be monitored by an adult.

Hot glue gun and sticks (or elmers and paper clips to hold hands in place until they dry) hot glue works faster but obviously care must be take not to burn young fingers.

Scissors and lots of imagination for extras on the ghosts. Extras can include boa bits, curly yarn, fabric scraps, colorful embroidery floss or any other small items you have around the house. Do be careful of items that stick upwards, as this is a pencil topper, care should be given not to add items that might scratch a child’s face.

The ghost shapes should be drawn on foamie sheets as closely spaced as possible to get the most toppers out of each sheet.

If you choose to make the toppers yourself, cut out the shapes. (If the children are going to assemble the ghosts, place the ghost as well as the eyes in small snack size Ziplocs.) Add eyes to ghost and sit aside to dry.

After eyes dry on ghost, place the tummy of the ghost on the pencil, facing forward. Glue in place. Taking the arms, curl them around the front of the pencil. They will NOT be attached to the pencil but will be simply glued hand to hand as if they are encircling the pencil.

Glue hands in place. Let glue dry. And your craft is done! If you want, you may add extras to your pencil topper such as glitter glue, glow in the dark marker or edge paint and even feather boa bits peeking from the head of the ghost. The sky and your imagination are the limit here so have fun and listen to the giggles commence! When you let kids loose with craft items and imagination, you never know what might pop up! Boo!

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