Halloween Sewing Patterns

Halloween Sewing Patterns

From young to old and back again, Halloween costumes always have an appeal, and finding patterns to make yourself rather than purchasing a ready made costume gives a wide variety of options and often times is much less expensive than trying to purchase the same costume.

There seems to be a plethora of Halloween Costume patterns available online, some by well known pattern companies such as Simplicity and McCall’s, while others are far more obscure but often times offer free patterns.

Simplicity offers 13 patterns ranging from infants to adults, and even dogs. Prices range from $9.50 (for the dog patterns) to $35.99 but most are $10.15

McCall’s offers 65 patterns, many of which have both child and adult patterns in one. You will find patterns ranging from infant to adult and they also have a dog costume. McCall’s prices are much easier on the wallet, ranging from $6.90 to $11.97

For free patterns, AllCrafts.net offers 216 patterns. This fun site doesn’t just stop at the clothing; they go on to help you create the peripherals such as pirate eye patches, fairy wings and more. While some of the links no longer work, all in all their selection surpasses most others I’ve found.

Sewing.org also offers free patterns along with helpful hints on making Halloween safe for kids of all ages. While they only offer 17 patterns, the hints themselves make this a site that should garner a glance.

Knowledge Hound offers just over 50 pattern links, but what makes this site unique is that there are several patterns just for persons who have disabilities. One of my favorites is the King/Queen on a throne (the throne being a wheelchair).

Family Education also offers a large number of patterns, in excess of 200. While their focus is on kid’s costumes, the variety of patterns they have should please even the most fickle of children. If, after looking at all of these Halloween patterns, you still don’t find what you are looking for, they also offer a pattern finder.

There are many other resources out there that offer patterns and ideas for Halloween. I’ve just scratched the surface with this article. A quick search in Google, however, will show you many more places to look.


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