Halloween Spider Egg Sacks

Halloween Crafts

Want a fun, spooky, Halloween craft good for the whole family, than this is the project for you.

List of Supplies

white craft glue
2 bowls
plastic spoon or wood stick
cheesecloth or gauze cut into 12 3×18 strips
pin or needle
clear fishing line
black plastic spiders


Fill a bowl half way with the white craft glue, then fill the other half with water and mix well.

Blow up the balloon to 9 inches in height and set it aside in the other balloon.

Individually dip each piece of cut cheesecloth or gauze into glue and water mixture, gently squeeze out extra liquid and spread the strips onto the balloon flat, cover the whole balloon this way but leave a small gap around the knot for hanging them when dry. Let the balloon dry overnight.

When balloon is dry pop the balloon with the needle or the pin.

Put the clear fishing line through each side of the hole that u left at the top of the spider egg for hanging, tie a knot at the end for hanging.

Now take the black plastic spiders and tie them together using the fishing line and attach to the spider egg.

For a more creepier affect to the spider egg u could use the cotton spider web stuff and drape it around the egg and stick the spiders to that.

Please enjoy this wonderful family craft.

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