Halloween Spool Characters

Spool Decorations

It’s an exciting moment, as a crafter, to stumble upon a project that uses up a whole lot of what you have been saving. Whether it’s buttons or bottle caps, bobbins or boxes, we love it when we discover a craft that allows us to use them. If you happen to have some empty spools of thread you’ve got Halloween decorations that are unique and fun to make. It doesn’t matter if the spool is tiny or large, wood or Styrofoam, it can be used to make a Halloween character.

Paint the spool the color you want your character to be: orange for a jack-o-lantern, green for a witch or Frankenstein, black for a bat. Make sure the paint you use is suitable for Styrofoam since some paints will melt it. Paint more than once, if needed, to get the shade and depth you want. Now you can do any number of things to create the character’s features.

Eyes can be the wiggly type from a craft store or you can draw them on with markers. You can even use sticker faces. Noses can be made from felt or foam; a mouth can be made from the same. Use assorted craft supplies to finish the spools into the characters.

To make a jack-o-lantern all you need is the chosen supplies for the face. But, if you want, you can glue a tiny wooden dowel, with tiny leaf, to the top of the spool. To make a witch, create a small cone shape from felt or foam, then glue it on for a hat. You can make the brim from a separate piece of the material. Make her face then create a wart with a marker or even a piece of Play Dough.

Make a ghost by painting the spool white and creating black eyes. Cut foam or felt to resemble tattered sheet arms and glue them onto the spool. Make a bat by gluing on wiggly eyes then cutting wing shapes from felt or foam. Glue them on then hang the bat or set it on a flat surface. If you use waterproof adhesives you can use any of the characters outside or indoors.

You don’t necessarily have to make traditional Halloween characters; there are lots of different ones you can make. The hole at the top of the spool makes it easy to add tufts of doll hair, yarn or other hair items. It also makes it simple to create feet, on a piece of dowel, that slides into the bottom hole. Making the silly Halloween people is a good way to use up all those empty thread spools you’ve been saving while creating d├ęcor you can keep for years.



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