Halloween Stick Puppets

A Fun Halloween Arts & Crafts Activity for Preschoolers!

Along with carving a pumpkin and trick or treating, why not make an educational arts & crafts project with your preschoolers? Make Halloween Stick Puppets!

(1) First, give the kids 3 pre-drawn squares on Orange, Black and yellow construction paper. If you don’t have colored construction paper, use white paper and have them color the puppets using only Orange, Black and Yellow crayons.

(2) You can also let them use felt-tip markers, construction paper scraps, fabric scraps, ribbon, and yarn to create faces on their squares.

(3) Once they’ve finished decorating their squares, they can cut out the squares to help them with “snipping” and glue them to craft sticks. They can make the black one a Cat (focusing on the letter “C”), the orange one a Pumpkin (Focusing on the “P”) and the Yellow one a “Ghost” focusing on the letter “G”.

(4) Once the class is done with their puppets, they can make a mini-play with them if they’d like.

The lesson focuses on several topics including:
Colors: Black, Orange & Yellow
Shapes: Square
Numbers: O, 1, 2 & 3
: C, P & G
Fine Motor Skills: Snipping or cutting
Senses: Touch (touching the different items used to decorate the puppets), Sight (seeing the 3 different puppets), Sound (hearing the three puppets interact in a play), Smell (you can use scented markers to color the puppets), Taste (you can use food such as M & Ms, candy corn or skittles to decorate the puppets)



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