Haunted House Halloween Centerpiece Craft Project

This Haunted House Centerpiece project is an easy Halloween craft for adults and kids. Each child can be responsible fo redecorating one side fo the Halloween Haunted house.

Mom, Dad, and old children can assemble the Haunted House centerpiece and finish this simple and beautiful Halloween centerpiece.

To Make a Halloween Haunted House Centerpiece You Will Need:

Fun foam

Sewing machine


Fabric glue


Paint pens, markers, and pens

Leftover craft materials

The first step in making this Haunted house Centerpiece is to cut out 4 identical sides of the house. These need to be 4 rectangles that are 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

Cut the top four inches into a triangle to make the roof.

Now, that yoru have the four sides of the Haunted House Centerpiece you can let each member of the family have a side to decorate.

Let one side be the front of the haunted house. This side should include a front door.

All sides will need windows. You can cut out the four squares of window paint. From the inside you can glue in squares of yellow foam to create a lit haunted house look.

Now, cut out shutters to glue on as well. If you made your Haunted house centerpiece in a dark gray or black fun foam, then add one spooky purple shutters.

Cut out small rectangles of foam. Use material like markers and paint pens to paint on the slats of the shutters.

You can also use an exacto knife to cut out slats.

Other embellishments on the Haunted house centerpiece can be shrubs, trees, and fun small details.

Try cutting out screeching cat silhouettes. Bats are also an awesome addition to any haunted house centerpiece.

You can cut out a chimney out of fun foam and glue it on as well. Try to think of a doll house for inspiration, but add those spooky details! No haunted house centerpiece would be complete with out a ghost floating by either!

Now, once all the side have dried you need to attach them together.

Line up the two sides. Sew a straight line on the outside to attach them. Add a third side and sew again.

Add the final fourth side and sew it on as well. This will leave the stitches on the outside, which looks cool.

If you want to hide the stitches, then sew the four sides of the haunted house centerpiece together, but pattern or front side in.

Once you are finished sewing turn the haunted house centerpiece inside out!

You can place a vase of black roses inside or even a candle in a candle votive and use this as an awesome handmade centerpiece on yoru Halloween dinner table!



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