Healthy Halloween Snack Idea/Halloween Craft Idea–Veggie Skeleton Cat

A Fun Halloween Snack Idea that Doubles as a Fun Halloween Craft!

Halloween doesn’t have to be about sugar and unhealthy snacks to make it fun. There are some great snack ideas for Halloween that are out there that fit the bill nicely when it comes to getting the kids to eat healthier. Not to mention it’s spooky side too! has some great ideas for healthy Halloween snack ideas that are without a doubt going to make it to our own family table this year, plus they’re so creative and cute I had to share this one in particular! Especially this festive, fun cat!

Veggie Skeleton Cat


A variety of your choice of veggies that may include things like:

Celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, orange or lemon wedges, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, fresh green beans and any others you might find appealing.

A bowl of black beans

Cat construction

Start with your medium bowl of refried black beans, or perhaps black bean soup for the head. To make the eyes, plop down two cherry tomatoes along with a cut carrot disc for the nose, and two slices of celery thinly cut to around a ΒΌ inch thickness and placed side by side for the cat’s mouth. So they form a rounded W shape.

Making the spinal area of this cat continues with creativity too! Just pick the best veggie or fruit for the job. The lemon or orange wedges will work well for this but you could also chop up pieces of the celery for individual vertebrae. Just line them up and make them gradually incline into a rounded skeleton and then descend again as you approach the tail area of this cat. Sort of like an umbrella shape.

Move on to the rib cage using the long green beans for each rib, and display those across the cat for the length of the spine.

Moving on to the legs, you can cut 4 or 5 inch celery sticks and lay them out for the upper and lower skeletal parts that make up leg bones. These can be separated by a cherry tomato on each side to create a joint type of look where the knee should be.

The feet can be represented by 4 baby carrots to make toes these can have a floret of cauliflower directly above them between the toes and the leg bone to create a joint where the ankle should be.

Finally, the tail is shown on the site as a combination of zucchini, cut into halves and staggered with a sliced fresh mushroom in between the zucchini slices. When you’re constructing it, be sure to give it a rounded shape too!

This cat is one of the most inventive healthy Halloween snack ideas I’ve seen in awhile, but I’m a sucker for anything that’s healthy and fun too! I can’t wait to put this together and get some pictures!

Happy Halloween crafting!




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