Holding a Thanksgiving Football Game in Your Neighborhood

For many Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday is almost as synonymous with football as it is with turkey and cranberry sauce. For some, the big game after thanksgiving dinner is the football tradition of choice. If you are more of the hands on type, you might just have the urge for a game of your own this year. But once you have decided to plan a neighborhood game, how do you get the party going?


Decide the tone of the game. If you are planning this as a large neighborhood football game, there are likely to be many different people, of many different ages and abilities. With this in mind, a no-contact football game might be best. After all this is Thanksgiving, so a friendly spirit is probably best.

A large group will need room to run, so pick a location with plenty of space. If there isn’t enough room in the yard, check local parks. Some should have field specifically for sports.

The next thing you’ll need to decide is when to play. Remember that Thanksgiving is a time of a lot of family events (and football scores!) so try to pick a time when most of the neighbors have the time to play.
Now, you have the what, where and when. The next step is inviting the gang to play. How you do this depends on the people you want to invite and how many. If you want a large community group, a flier at the local Y, or your church will do very well. If you’re looking for a more intimate group, make up some fun football invites, and walk them to you guests door for a personal touch.

The Big Game:

Once you are all assembled and ready to play some football, you have to make up the teams. If you have a large group, consider multiple teams. Kids and adults in separate games for example. Be sure to keep it balanced.

If your group is on the smaller side, make sure the kids are evenly mixed in. Again, the balance is key. You want to keep everything in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Football and fun with friends are important here, not scores.
This is holiday time, so don’t forget to keep your players refreshed. Keep in mind that most folks will either be coming from or going to a big Thanksgiving meal. So keep the snacks light. Though, an evening game might be perfect time for a slice of pie!

With a little planning you can have a perfect hands on Thanksgiving football experience.

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