Home Decor Ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving

Fall is here and as the seasons change, our home décor does as well. Changing over some of your décor at the beginning of the season, will make it easier when the holidays come around. Already having your space changed over for the season will make decorating for the holidays that much more fun and easy. Once Halloween or Thanksgiving come around all you should have to do is add a few choice holiday pieces, because all the rest of the work will be done.

When having holiday gatherings, it is important that people feel comfortable and welcome. Warm wine colors are very inviting and are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. End tables and surfaces can be covered with table cloths or table runners. If you have hardwood floors, cover the living area with an area rug. Bringing out a stash of good books to curl up with, is a great way to enjoy the cooler evenings. Instantly create a cozier environment by adding some extra pillows, and blankets to the chairs and couches.

Another great thing about the season is all the wonderful scents. Utilize these scents by using potpourri, or simmer some cinnamon and orange peels in the kitchen. You can even go pick some fresh pine needles from a tree to simmer in some water. Pumpkin, gingerbread, and banana bread are some popular seasonal scents found in candles. Whatever way you choose, the fall scents will spread throughout your house. Utilize the environment outside by displaying pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and other fall foliage. Place these things in bowls, and baskets. Take a few colorful leaves and press into some frames for some cheap, but beautiful natural art.

An easy way to let your kids help is to have them trace their hands on a sheet of plain paper. Get out the crayons, markers, or colored pencils and other fun art materials to help them create turkeys out of their hand prints. Take their art and place it in a frame or a couple of frames and place around room. Your guests will get a kick out of your creative pieces and your children will be proud you have displayed them.

If you are planning night-time gatherings, try covering small lamps with colorful, sheer scarves to add some ambiance to the room. Adding bowls of nuts or candy around the room is a good idea while everyone waits for appetizers or the meal. Before gatherings, get out old family albums. Looking through pictures is a great way to spend time together. Make sure you keep on taking pictures to add onto to the ones you already have. Get games, and movies out for those who would like to kick back and relax.

There are so many ways to warm up your living spaces and to get ready for Thanksgiving. Mix and match these ideas with your own personal touches. Remember to enjoy the beauty of the season, and be thankful for the memories that are yet to be created in your updated living areas.

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