Homemade Halloween Decorations

Candy Corn Centerpiece and Crystal Ball

These two Halloween centerpieces are fun to make and pretty simple. Homemade Halloween decorations are fun to make and usually end up being a lot cheaper then store bought items, not to mention they look a lot better.

Candy Corn Centerpiece

White Paint
Orange Paint
Yellow Paint
Candy Corn
Halloween Suckers
Small Clay Pot
Paint Brush

Step #1- Wipe the outside of pot to make sure it’s clean of debris and dust. A plain dry cloth will work fine.

Step #2- Paint the entire pot white to start with, let dry. If it looks like the pot is showing through then you should paint a second coat onto the pot and let dry.

Step #3- Using the ruler and the pencil, split the pot into three layers with the bottom layer being the smallest. Draw a light line around the pot so you know where to start and finish your layers.

Step #4- Paint the top layer yellow and paint the middle layer orange. Let dry. If it doesn’t look very good you may need to paint on a second coat. Let dry completely before moving it.

Step #5- Layer a few pieces of tape to the inside of the pot so you can cover the hole at the bottom. Make sure you layer a few pieces of tape so it’s sturdy and strong.

Step #6- Fill the Clay pot with candy corn all the way to the top. Stick your Halloween suckers into the candy corn and your centerpiece is finished.

Crystal Ball Centerpiece

Light globe fixture with base
2 large glow sticks
Can frost spray for glass
Bat or Spider window clings
Black Electrical Tape

Step #1- Place assorted bat or spider window clings all over globe. Play around with them until you get a design that you are happy with.

Step #2- Using the frost spray, spray the entire globe and the base. Make sure that you do an even coat and it doesn’t clump around the window clings. Let the globe completely dry before touching.

Step #3- Using the tweezers, gently pull up all the window clings and throw away. You should be left with a frosted globe that has the shapes of spiders or bats depending on what window clings you decided to use.

Step #4- Snap the glow sticks and shake really hard. Using a small piece of the black electrical tape, tape them together so they don’t move around. Place these glow sticks inside the light bulb hole. Place a piece of black electrical tape over the hole so they don’t fall out.

Sometimes you can find battery operated light bulbs; you can use these in place of the glow sticks so you don’t have to change them each night. You just need to replace the batteries every so often.



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