Homemade Halloween Paint

Homemade Halloween Paint

Halloween paint can be a real pain- it’s greasy, it stains, and it smears. Not only that, but it’s pretty pricey and often feels cakey and dry as well. I’ve even gotten rashes from Halloween paint, and it’s very hard to work with. If you want to have Halloween paint for decorating your face and body without all the cost and waste and fuss of store-bought Halloween paint, then consider making your own! It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all, it’s cheap and you have all the creative control! Here’s how!

Halloween paint can be made easily (and is easy to wash off) if you use baby products and powdered Tempura paint (available at any craft stores). You can combine 1/2 cup of baby lotion (I love vanilla lavender for the lovely scent) with around a teaspoon of baby shampoo (the shampoo won’t hurt eyes and is what allows the paint to wash off so easily) with the Tempura paint until you get the color you’d like. That’s it! I stir the paints with just a spoon or fork.

Store your homemade Halloween paint in various types of jars, such as baby food jars, or plastic containers- all the more reason to start holding onto those used up butter tubs and whipped cream containers. You can mix-and-match your colors to achieve the styles you want, and can use these safe paints on the face and the body- I decorate my dog with them.

Really make your Halloween paint unique by adding texture! Sand, uncooked oatmeal, and glitter create a great texture for gory or whimsical face and body paint. To give someone a scaly look, add a few teaspoons or so of oatmeal to the paint to create that boil and scales look so you can really make your Halloween paint stand out! For prettier texture or to make the paint look more like fur, then add some sand to the paint for grittiness (do not add salt, however, salt burns sensitive skin). Glitter can make all the difference, particularly with white paint.

note: when adding texture to paint you fear that it won’t set, then apply a thin layer of hair spray to the paint as it dries, to give the paint a small barrier. Particularly beneficial for the younger kids who like to rub their faces without realizing it. The paint washes off easily with just water due to the content of baby shampoo. This is also safe to put on lighter colored pets as it washes out well- just watch out for your pets rubbing on stuff before the paint dries.

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making homemade paint for my dog on Halloween


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