Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpieces

If you are the lucky one to have the Thanksgiving Day meal at your house, then you probably are trying to come up with unique and creative Thanksgiving centerpieces. Yes, you can go out to the store an buy one that will look like everyone else’s. Or, you can be unique and make your own handmade Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table. Having a personalized and creative centerpiece will attract a lot of positive comments and you can brag to everybody that you made it yourself. But, what your guest won’t know is that there are homemade Thanksgiving centerpieces that are quite easy to make and look beautiful.

Here are two homemade Thanksgiving centerpieces that your guests will adore.

Hydrangea Pumpkin

A bouquets of hydrangeas make a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table when placed in the top of a pumpkin. Here are the instructions on how to make this Thanksgiving centerpiece:

1. Pick out a pumpkin that is to your liking. Pumpkins can be found at farmers markets, local pumpkin patches, and even the grocery store. If you have a large table or more than one, by several pumpkins for the centerpieces.

2. Cut out a circle around the pumpkin stem and scoop out the pumpkin guts and seeds using a spoon.

3. Cut the stems of the hydrangeas to an appropriate length using scissors. If you are using fresh-cut flowers, place a plastic liner in the pumpkin before placing the flowers in the pumpkin. Once all the hydrangeas are cut, arrange them in the top of the pumpkin.
Colorful Cattails

For an unusual Thanksgiving centerpiece, make a colorful bouquet of painted cattails. Here are the instructions to make this Thanksgiving centerpiece:

1.Pick cattails when they are dry and firm and before they begin to puff. If you do not have any cattails that you can find (many local nurseries will carry them) then try to visit you local craft store for artificial ones. The real cattails will look better for this centerpiece, though.

2. Choose a tall vase or glass bowl that you want to arrange your cattails in. Cut the stems of the cattails to the desired length. Remove any loose shedding layers from the stems.

3. Coat the entire cattail generously with spray paint. Concentrate especially on the brown tail portion. Allow it to soak into the cattails and then let it dry completely. If after the cattail is dry, it still lacks in color, you can add another layer of spray paint to the cattail.

4. Take a piece of narrow ribbon and tie it firmly to the top of the stem. Wind the ribbon downward to the end of the stem, holding it in place with dabs of craft glue.

5. Arrange the painted cattails in the vase or bowl using your own personal decorating touch.

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