How the Experts Create the Best Thanksgiving Party Invitations

The first thing that guests see about your Thanksgiving party is not the entrance but the invitation and many party planners commit the crucial mistake of sending boring, lame invitations to their prospective guests. The party does not get many RSVPS’ and the planner wonders why, especially since the party was well executed, the simple answer was the invitation. If you want to stand out and have an excellent Thanksgiving party, then you have to send thoughtful, inviting and creative invitations to your guests. Simply giving verbal invitations is not only tacky, but makes you seem extraordinarily cheap and common, and that is not how you want yourself to be perceived among friends, family and colleagues.

Formal invitations in writing speak more about your thanksgiving party than you ever could, that is the cold hard truth. A simple e-mail or verbal agreement will never carry the same weight as a well-designed invitation, an email is also easier to brush off or ignore when compared to a formal invitation and you will find that less guests show up when invited verbally or by email when compared to a formal invitation.

There are many different ways to create the perfect thanksgiving party invitation, with the most popular type being the one bought from a store or website. These are generally excellent since they save you a lot of time to work on the actual thanksgiving party and allow you to simply enter the name and contact information of each guest into a database or file, and the company will do the rest (in terms of shipping, postage etc if you prefer to ship the invitations). Any party supply store, website or department store will carry nice invitations that are quick and easy to make and change according to your specifications.

Purchasing online allows you to have specific designs and styles of your choice, but customization comes at a price (many times a high one) so be cognizant of that fact. Also buying the invitations for your thanksgiving party online may have increased delays since processing of customized orders and shipping may take a bit longer than if you simply purchased them at a party supply store.

If you think that you are a creative person, and you have family and kids who you know might be willing to help, then designing your own thanksgiving party invitations may be the ideal solution to your invitation worries. This may be a lot more time consuming than the other methods but allows you to put a personal touch on all the invitations that you send out and is much more cost effective when compared to the other methods of getting invitations. Many party supply stores sell blank cards (or you can order them online), and purchase some glitter, glue, scissors, cartridge paper, colored paper and cloth and let your creative ideas flow. These handcrafted invitations are always a hit with most people, though if you are not the creative type or if you find your ideas don’t look good in practice, it may be best to just get them from another previously mentioned source.

The right invitations can make or break your thanksgiving party, get it right the first time and give people a wonderful impression of your party before they ever set foot inside it.

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