How to Decorate a Dorm for Halloween

With these decorating ideas, you can decorate your dorm for Halloween on a shoe string budget. If you just use your imagination and follow these suggestions, you can transform your dorm into a Halloween landscape without costing a fortune.

  1. Autumn inspired dried corn is a great way to dress up a door, not only for Halloween, but for the entire harvest season. Your dried corn will last and last because it won’t be exposed to the elements or squirrels outdoors. Display a beautiful harvest autumn corn display on your dorm door decorated with some vibrant orange ribbon with a few plastic pumpkins or other plastic Halloween inspired trinkets placed on it.
  2. Halloween decorations for a dorm can always include window decals or decorative stickers with a Halloween theme to them. You can buy these at the dollar store or at your local craft store at a reasonable price.
  3. String miniature Halloween lights around your dorm room. You can either get plain miniature orange colored lights or in keeping more with the Halloween tradition, you get get string lights in pumpkin and little ghost shapes. In addition to strings of Halloween lights, you can change out the light bulbs in your lamps to an orange hue.
  4. Halloween dorm decorating can include hanging up Halloween inspired curtains. You can buy ready to hang curtains in a Halloween motif or if you don’t want to change your existing curtains, you can simply purchase some Halloween fabric at your local fabric store and simply drape the fabric over your existing window treatments.
  5. Of course, let’s not forget about the most popular decoration. Halloween decorating ideas can include a carved pumpkin. Get your pumpkin and pick up a pumpkin carving set at the grocery store or craft store and carve away. Pumpkin carving sets have ready made stencils that can turn your pumpkin into a work of art.
  6. Create small displays out of miniature pumpkins and gourds by arranging them in small baskets that you have lined with Halloween inspired fabric. To line your baskets, you could even use Halloween napkins purchased from the dollar store. You can also get cute small baskets at the dollar store as well.
  7. Halloween dorm decorating can also include placing small plastic spiders and pumpkins on tables and window sills in your dorm room.
  8. If you really want to go all out when you decorate your dorm for Halloween, get some spider webbing that you can purchase at any local store that has sells Halloween decorations and drape it around your dorm room, over chairs and on your curtains.
  9. Don’t forget, Halloween dorm decorating can include not only decorations, but Halloween music instead. Buy scary Halloween CD’s and play them to add to the ambiance of a Halloween inspired dorm room.
  10. Halloween decorating ideas can also include edible decorations. Why not have displays of Halloween cookies and cupcakes arranged on Halloween themed dishes and platters for an extra special treat. You and your guests will love them. You can even use paper plates purchased from the dollar store.

By just being creative and following these tips your, Halloween dorm decorating can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!



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