How to Decorate an Apartment for Halloween

The season is upon us and it’s time for Halloween apartment decorating. Halloween decorating ideas don’t have to break the bank or take up lots of your time. Just follow some of these decorating ideas and you will transform your apartment to a Halloween themed haven in no time.

Halloween decorations for an apartment can include decorating your front windows with Halloween decals and stickers. Sheets of Halloween decals are not expensive and you can find them at dollar stores, drug stores and craft stores. You can also dress up your windows with miniature Halloween lights for Halloween apartment decorating. Neatly tape the Halloween lights around the window frame. The lights will nicely frame your Halloween decal display.

Halloween decorating ideas can also include making mini pumpkin and gourd arrangements. Get small baskets lined with Halloween inspired colored fabric or napkins and place mini pumpkins and gourds inside. You can tie some autumn inspired ribbon to the basket handle to create festive centerpieces for Halloween apartment decorating. In addition to your pumpkin and gourd baskets, you can get small glass bowls purchased at the dollar store and fill them with a variety of Halloween candy for a nice Halloween apartment decorating touch.

Using store bought Halloween spider webbing can add a dramatic touch to your apartment. Halloween decorating ideas that feature spider webs can really give your apartment a Halloween scary feel! Strategically drape the spider webs over your furniture and you can even tape them into your ceiling corners. If you have any large houseplants in your apartment, you can drape some spider webbing over them too as part of your Halloween decorations.

Lighting is also an important component in Halloween apartment decorating ideas. In addition to decorating your windows with miniature Halloween lights, you can also choose to replace your household light bulbs with orange light bulbs to create a mysterious Halloween glow. Make sure you don’t alter your lighting so much that you can’t see where you’re going. The whole idea is to have fun!

Replacing your existing curtains with Halloween curtains can create a dramatic look to your Halloween decorations. If you do not want to actually change your existing curtains, you can buy some inexpensive Halloween printed fabric at any fabric store and place it over your window treatments.

Halloween decorations can also include baked goods. Bake or buy some Halloween cookies or cupcakes and display them on festive plates or platters to be enjoyed by your family and friends. To go with your Halloween goodies, why not add some Halloween music that will really get the party started!

Dressing up your kitchen with Halloween decorations shouldn’t be forgotten either. Halloween ceramic ware and towels are inexpensive Halloween decorations that can add a festive touch to your kitchen. Halloween place mats and centerpieces will cozy up your kitchen in no time.

By having fun and being creative, Halloween apartment decorating can be a cinch.



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