How to Decorate for Halloween: Inexpensive and Interesting Decorations for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one room that is fun to decorate for Halloween. What better room to have a few tricks and treats? Here are some great Halloween decorations to consider putting your kitchen.

A bloody meat cleaver

This 17″ plastic prop with fake blood splatter on it is a great item to leave lying around in your kitchen for Halloween. You can currently find it on and its current price is $3.99 each.

Bloody Severed fingers

Scatter a fake bloody finger or two around the bloody meat cleaver that lies on the counter. They go quite well together. You can currently find the package of 5 Bloody Severed Fingers at Party City; they currently cost $4.99 each package.

Creature Glass Grabber

This creepy Halloween decal features phantoms that will give a fright to anyone that them. You can currently find this decal on The decal measures 24″ by 12″ and currently costs $4.99 each.

Fake skull head

Put the fake skull head in the refrigerator for your guests to get a shock as they open the door. It fits nicely among last nights leftovers. You can find many types of fake skulls including those that have glowing eyes and hair and those that don’t. Prices range, however, you can usually find a good quality one for under $30.00.

Cockroach Wall Clings

The mere thought of having even seeing a cockroach can send many people into a mix of panic and disgust, so why not put some on your wall? The cockroach wall clings can currently be found on and currently cost $4.99 for each sheet. Each cockroach measures about 2″- 8″.

Fuzzy fake rat

You can find them in any party supply store. You can currently find a mechanical toy rat on It is battery operated, has red eyes and is perfect to put near the kitchen table. The price is currently $7.99 each.

A Black Wire Basket with Spiders

Pick up an inexpensive black wire basket from a dollar store or craft store and decorate it with some fake spiders. Attach some on the outside, on the handle, and put some on the inside. Throw some fruit in the basket and put more spiders on top of the fruit for a very gross Halloween decoration.

Fake Maggots

You can find these fake creepy little critters at a party store. You can even find them at a bait shop since some fishermen use them to catch fish. They usually glow in the dark, so you can have some fun sprinkling them around. Consider putting them in a bag of bread around Halloween where they can get pulled out when someone reaches for a slice.

The kitchen is a great room to decorate for Halloween as it is a room that many people spend a lot of time in. It’s a good start to getting in the Halloween spirit.

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