How to Decorate for Halloween on a Budget


Decorating for Halloween is fun and makes you feel festive. Too many decorations can put you in the poor house. Here are some inexpensive ideas for decorating for Halloween that will still make your house look SPOOKY.

You can either make your own decorations or go to a store and buy them. For a dollar, Dollar Tree has lots of inexpensive decorations and even party supplies. Wal-mart’s decorations I suggest buying the day after the holiday, to save money on them. If you make your own decorations here are some ideas: First If your child or children are old enough to make decorations this will be something fun for all of you to do.

When you think of Halloween three things come to mind immediately: carved pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. My first decoration for Halloween on a budget is a ghost.

Every tree needs a ghost. I have two versions of ghosts so you can even make them float on the ground if you don’t have any trees.

Ghost From a Tree:

The ghost from a tree is an easy decoration for a Halloween budget. You need either a sheet or a white trash bag, fishing line or string to tie the ghost up and a balloon filled with air or a ball.

If you use a ball put a trash bag over the ball so you can tie the string around the ball and through the trash bag and then put another trash bag over the ball to make it look like it is floating.

If you use a balloon just make sure you cover the balloon well and don’t puncture the balloon with the other branches on the tree.

Free Standing Ghost:

You will need to use trash bags, white or clear, for a free standing ghost. You can go to Wal-mart and inflate a see through trash bag. Then put another transparent bag over it for a really spooky effect. You can tie the bag down in your yard with fishing line so no one can see the string. You can also use white trash bags for this. Most Wal-marts will let you use their air for free especially if you buy balloons. Unfortunately, you will only get a couple of days out of a free standing ghost so you have to plan wisely.


Witches are a fun decoration to make on a Halloween budget. I have two versions of witches. A paper plate witch and a little broom stick witch. Both of these witches are just faces. If you are crafty you can easily turn them into full blown versions.

Small Broom Witch:

I have seen small broom witches made two ways. One way is to make a hat for the handle so you can hang it or set it up. You can use black construction paper or black felt material and cut out a hat. You can add an orange band to the hat if you want. Use big glue on eyes. You can buy either wobbly eyes or eyes that are in place in the craft section of Wal-mart or any craft store. For the nose you can either use a pom-pom ball from the craft section or stick a writing pen or pencil through the bristles of the broom and cut out orange triangles to cover it. This way you can also add a wart by using a small black pom-pom ball. I have seen the broom witch ending without a mouth. You may choose to put a mouth on it. Remember the dirtier the teeth the better.

If you wanted to make a full scale witch. I would just turn the broom upside down and add a black dress held out from the broom with twigs. Then cut out two feet or use your own shoes at the bottom broom stick handle. Remember this will have to go in a corner because it will be harder to keep up right especially if it is windy.

Paper plate Witch:

For a paper plate witch the head is the paper plate. You can make the hat out of black construction paper or black felt. You may want to put an orange band on the hat for color. Use a mop head for the hair. Cut the strings off and attach them to the plate. If you want a fanciful witch you can buy wigs from the stores to use the hair on the witch. Googly eyes look the silliest but you can also use the plain eyes that are sold in the craft section of stores or in craft stores. For a nose, if you can get a baby carrot to stick to the paper plate they look the best. If not, and you want a nose that will stand away from the plate put a toothpick through the plate and cut out a nose and apply it to the toothpick. Remember to put glue on the base of the toothpick where it goes through the plate. You can either make a black mole with a black marker or black construction paper. For a mouth you can either draw the mouth or if your handy with construction paper cut out the mouth and glue it. Remember to make some teeth black.


I mostly see carved pumpkins for Halloween. If your child wants to take an active part in decorating instead of using a knife to carve the pumpkin, you could just draw and color the face in with a permanent black marker. If you like to carve the pumpkin and your child wants to decorate a pumpkin, cut a pumpkin shape out of orange construction paper and let your child decorate the face with black construction paper. Then let your child hang his or her decoration on the door or in the window. The paper pumpkin is a great decoration if you are on a Halloween decorating budget.


As much as I dislike spiders they are a part of Halloween. If you want to make your own Halloween spider on a budget you need an empty egg carton to cut a container out of the carton and color it black for the body, and black chenille stems for legs, fishing line or thin string to hang the spider with. Once you paint or color the egg carton container black, push the chenille stems through the container. You can put on small wobbly eyes or even regular eyes and glue them to the front of the spider’s body. Take the fishing string and attach it to a needle and pull it through the body so you can hang your spider. (Yuk! I really hate spiders).


Another decoration you can make for Halloween on a budget is a bat. You can also use the egg carton container to make a bat. After the body is black you can use black construction paper for the wings and bend it so it looks like the bat is in flight. Attach the fishing string to the bat so you can hang him as well.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween on a budget.


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