How to Decorate Your Bathroom For Thanksgiving

When you think about preparing for Thanksgiving, your first idea isn’t usually to decorate the bathroom. While it’s one of the most used rooms in the home, it can also be the least decorated when it comes to the holidays. Consider decorating your bathroom this Thanksgiving with some of these decorations.

Turkey Toilet Cover currently has a Turkey Toilet Cover Set that is adorable. The turkey covers the toilet tank as well as the toilet seat. The Turkey’s pilgrim hat covers the top of the toilet tank and also doubles as a tissue box cover. The price is currently $19.99 for the set.

Yankee Candle Pumpkin Pie Candle

If you’ve never smelled this candle before, it makes you have a craving for a slice of pumpkin pie. Bathrooms are much nicer to walk into when you have a pleasant smell, such as that of pumpkin pie, to greet you. The candle comes in a glass jar and is currently available on Prices range depending on the size of the candle that you choose.

Hang Indian Corn on the Door

Indian Corn can be found almost anywhere during Fall, especially around Thanksgiving. They’re inexpensive and easy to hang. Most bathroom doors already have a hook attached; simply sit the bunch of Indian Corn on the hook.

Pilgrim Vase with Bright Fall Flowers currently carries the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Couple Vase/Planter and the price is currently $19.97. Put the vase in the bathroom in an area where it won’t get broken and fill it with a bouquet of beautiful, bright Fall flowers. It will definitely brighten up the room a bit.

Philosophy Pumpkin Pie Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath

This 3 in 1 product works well and is great to use on a cold night. Not only will it leave a nice smell to your bathroom, but the scent also stays on your skin. The 16 ounce bottle is currently $16.00 and is currently available on as well as in several department stores.

Thanksgiving Stacking Boxes

These beautiful boxes are made to look like antique hat boxes and are currently available on The smallest one says “Give Thanks”, the medium sized one says “Welcome” and the largest one says “Harvest Blessings”. They are great to put your small bathroom items in or even small hand towels.
Using some of these ideas will help your bathroom to look (and smell) a little more festive for Thanksgiving.

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