How To: Decorate Your Dorm for Halloween

Keep it Simple

Halloween is a fun time around many campuses. Some dorms even hold their own decorating contests. Here are some ideas for making your dorm decorating easy and stress-free.

The very first thing you should do before decorating is to read or ask about the guidelines. Is it ok for you to hang stuff around your room? Is it against the rules or fire codes? Will you offend someone?

So if it is okay for you to decorate, the next thing to do is talk it over with your roommate(s) if you have any. You don’t want to hang decorations that they don’t like or d├ęcor that you all don’t agree on. A simple solution to this is to go shopping together!

Take a look around your room and make a list of ideas. That way you’ll have a better idea of what / how much to get. Write ideas and measurements down so you don’t get overwhelmed at the store.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations. Check local retail stores, dollar stores, thrift stores, etc. You can find really nice decorations and not spend much in the process.

Make your own decorations. Search online for ideas. You can make spiders and pumpkins out of paper plates! Old white sheets make excellent ghost material.

Cover your dorm door with a Halloween wrap or simply pin up a cutout figure.

Put that pull-apart spider web material up in the door entry way. Put it up towards the top so that it doesn’t bother your guests or roommates when going in and out. Hang cutouts and/or scary items on the walls and furniture.

Change out your lamp bulbs to black lights for a really eerie environment at night (if you are allowed to use these bulbs).

Another way to set the mood besides black lights is to use strobe lights. Play spooky, creepy music too. You can buy cheap cds or play them from websites.

Don’t overdo it! A lot of stuff may make your room look cluttered and messy. Stick with being simple to make your room look “together” and matched.



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