How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Quick! Gather your kids, and your kids’ friends, yourself and a bunch of craft supplies! This will be fun for everyone!

Decorating your house for Halloween is all about the color in my opinion. Sure, Halloween is synonymous with the colors of black and orange, but if you’re throwing a party more in line with just the autumn season, pull out some red, yellow, and gold, too!

With that in mind, head to your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (if you don’t have either … you can probably find most of this at a downtown craft store like Ben Franklin or even Wal-Mart).

Here’s your list! Streamers, balloons, a black sheet, a Halloween-themed CD, a humidifier (hopefully you have this at home!), black and orange light bulbs (check for these in the Halloween section), plastic gloves, popped popcorn, candy corn, Halloween-colored yarn, Kleenex, Dum-Dum suckers, Scotch tape, and a permanent marker.

If you want, set the mood by putting on your Halloween-themed music. This will get everyone in the groove of the season! Begin by cutting strips of the streamers, with the length depending on how long and tall your ceiling is. Once you get the length you’d like, start twirling the ends with your thumb and middle finger, keeping in mind that the streamers will shrink a little with this, so you may want to cut them a little long to begin with. Once they are the length you desire and have a curl to them, hang them up with tape, one piece on each end. You may need to put one or two pieces in the middle also, which will also help the streamers from hanging down so low.

Next, your “ornaments!” Make ghosts by holding the candy suckers, wrapping Kleenex around the suckers as a “head”, tying on yarn right where the stick part of the sucker starts, and using a Sharpie to draw two eyes for the ghost.

For your next spooky surprise, insert a piece of candy corn into each finger of the clear gloves, then fill with popcorn. Tie closed with the yarn.

Blow up your balloons to all different sizes and you’re set.

Take your ghosts, ghoulish hands, and balloons, and attach yarn long enough to tie to streamers. Alternate the three to make sure that weight is distributed evenly.

Once you’ve used all your crafts and they are hanging, start up your humidifier and drape a black sheet or piece of material over it just so it isn’t covering where the steam comes out- this becomes your spooky fog machine! Switch out your normal light bulbs for the Halloween-colored ones and you’re ready to spook!

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