How to Decorate Your House for Halloween

As the Halloween season nears, it’s time for some Halloween decorating ideas. By following these cost effective suggestions, your Halloween house decorating will be done in no time!

  1. What Halloween decorating ideas would be complete without mentioning a pumpkin? Carve your pumpkin using one of the many inexpensive carving kits that come with ready made Halloween stencils. Your pumpkin will be a work of art that you can proudly display on your porch or even indoor. To get more mileage out of your Halloween pumpkin, give it a few sprays of Pumpkin Fresh that will preserve your pumpkin longer. Don’t forget to illuminate your jack-o-lantern with a faux candle that can be purchased inexpensively.
  2. When you decorate your house for Halloween, don’t forget your windows. Place Halloween themed decals or stickers on your windows to create a fun, festive Halloween scene.
  3. Spider webs can add a dramatic effect to your Halloween decorations. Drape them over your bushes and trees if using them outdoors, and for a spidery indoor look place the spider webs on your chairs and drape them over your window treatments. Halloween decorations featuring spider webs can be festive a finishing touch to your Halloween decorations.
  4. String miniature orange indoor – outdoor lights on your porch railings and shrubs. To add a bright festive touch to your indoor Halloween decorations, you can tape them neatly around your front windows.
  5. When you decorate your house for Halloween, try creating arrangements featuring mini pumpkins and gourds. Get small baskets lined with fall colored fabric or napkins and place the pumpkins and gourds inside for beautiful mini centerpieces.
  6. Halloween house decorating can also include the use of music. Play some Halloween CD’s that can be purchased very inexpensively.
  7. Halloween decorations for inside or outside can include cute straw scarecrows. Place a larger one outside and get a few smaller ones for inside the house. Display your outdoor scarecrow sitting on a hay bale. A hay bale can represent a harvest table to hold your pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows. Hay bales last for a very long time, so even after you take your Halloween decorations down, you can still display your hay bales with a harvest inspired theme.
  8. Decorate your house for Halloween by baking some delicious Halloween cookies and cupcakes. You can arrange them on cute Halloween paper plates or platters. Placing Halloween candies in little bowls can add a nice touch to your Halloween house decorating.
  9. Halloween candles are available in abundance during this season. You can find them shaped like pumpkins and little ghosts. You can also use richly colored autumn inspired traditional candles.
  10. Instead of replacing your curtains or window treatments with new ones, buy inexpensive Halloween printed fabric at the fabric store and drape it over your current window treatments to give your home a dramatic Halloween look when you decorate your house for Halloween.
  11. Making your own Halloween inspired wreath can add a personal touch to your Halloween decorations. If you want to make your own, start with a ready made grapevine wreath that you can buy at any craft store. With a hot glue gun, glue small spiders, pumpkins, Halloween candies and autumn inspired colored ribbon onto your grapevine wreath base. You can hang a larger wreath on your door, or you can make miniature ones to accent your walls. If you don’t want to make your own wreath, you can buy ready made Halloween inspired wreaths at any craft store.

By following these Halloween decorating ideas, you can easily and cost effectively transform your house into a beautiful Halloween landscape.



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