How To: Halloween Projects

Fun for the Whole Family

Arts and crafts are always a great thing to do to get in the spirit of any holiday. Halloween is a great start to the fall season. In this article I will share with you all of the fun things you can do with a little imagination and quality time well spent with your children.
How to Decorate for Halloween: Tip #1
Your yard is your outside appearance. This is what everyone is going to see. Not only is your yard there for you to horrify any small children that might come across it but, it is a way to make your creativity shine. The following are some idea to add a little fright to there night of all hallows eve.

1. Grave markers and head stones are a wonderful place to start. Ply wood is the best way to go for head stones and grave markers. Nothing is worse than to make flimsy card board cut outs and have it unexpectedly rain at the last minute. Cut out grave markers and don’t worry if all you can get are rectangle shapes. Paint the pieces of wood and write some funny names and explanations on them for your fake corpses like: “I .B. CrispÂ…..He fixed the toaster with a knife and ended his life”. Hammer them into the lawn making it look like a real cemetery. Using fake, bagged cobwebs string the webbing artistically on each head stone. You can even connect a few of them with webs in the center only if you have a really big spider to show up.

2. Using white pipe cleaners (the small ones used for crafts at your local craft store) design a large web by placing approximately 5 all together and twisting them into the center. Bend each piece so that it almost looks like a wheel. With another pipe cleaner weave and wrap every inch outward starting with the center. You can place a large ugly spider in this web and stick it virtually anywhere. Using it on your porch, trees or even giving your mailman a fright by placing one in your mailbox.

3. Plastic skeletons can be bought anywhere and are relatively cheap. Take one skeleton and cut it in half from the waist down. Using a coat hanger sticking from he ground use it to prop up the upper half of you r skeleton. The goal is to make the skeleton look like it is coming up from the ground. Place a caldron in front of the skeleton and tape its hand to a wooden spoon (as if it is stirring what is in the cauldron) * the cauldron mixture should contain water, dry ice and perhaps a few body parts that you can get for a dollar or so. A great place for this skeleton to be is in front of the grave markers/head stone. – -the bottom half of the skeleton should be placed in a humorous location. For example: it could be affixed by your garage door making it look like it was cut in half as the door came down OR you can tape it to your trunk to make it look like the upper is inside.

How To Decorate for Halloween: Tip # 2
Inside decorating should be a blast! Children and their parents can enjoy this as a tradition on the first of October. Place your candles through your house so that on these nights of watching scary movies you can enjoy the full effect. Make sure that you take everything that is cheerful out of your home for this month and replace it with the spooky stuff that you and your family has collected over the years and the new stuff that you buy every October.

Making “boo-men” is very simple and children love to do it. Buy a plain roll of paper towels and/or napkins that are plain white, and a bag of small rubber bands. Take one napkin and spread it out, take another napkin and form it into a compact ball, then place it in the center of the napkin/paper towel that is in front of you. Gather up the napkin around the ball and pinch it while placing the rubber band around. They are cute little ghostly characters that can hang from your house anywhere you’d like. Children love to make silly and spooky faces on these boo-men.

How to Decorate for Halloween: Conclusion
Remember that your house can be converted to anything you want it to be. There are no rules to holiday fun. If you have children this is a great tradition to start incorporating them into the holiday festivities. And if you don’t have children it’s a great way to have fun with everybody else’s.

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