How to Have a Green, Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Holidays are always nice. We want them to be relaxed and practically without effort but that is rarely the case. We work at preparing the food, decorating the house and sending out invitations. This year lets put just another smidgen of effort into making this a green Thanksgiving. Here are a few things that should prove easy to do.
Linen napkins have always proved to be so tasteful for any nice dinner and guess what they are eco-friendly as well. You can wash them and reuse them, and they are made from natural material. Linen place mats will look very nice and once again are eco-friendly. You can use recycled paper if you decide to use place cards.
Using real flowers, fruits, and vegetables for a flower arrangement will be beautiful and will help along with taking care of the environment. After you are finished with the arrangement, you can eat the fruit or mulch the flowers in your garden.

Set the table with dishes and standard dinner ware, don’t use paper or plastic. Dishes and silverware can be reused after washing. I am sure you have that special dinner ware you can not wait to show off as well as some lovely glass ware. These touches will make it clear to you guest that you are putting your best foot forward for their enjoyment as well as your own. This makes any invitation coming from you well worth the accepting.

Serve foods that you don’t need to cook, there are a number of deserts and vegetable dishes that do not require cooking or at least very little. Make it a vegetarian Thanksgiving by serving no meat dishes and natural Apple Cider for a beverage. There are other natural beverages that you can serve Apple Cider just happens to be one of my favorites. Vegetarian dishes are healthy and nutritious, and quite good.

Incandescent lighting is a real energy saver, and for an added bonus you can turn the lights down and use soy candles. This will add that extra touch to your dinner. When you walk into a room that is illuminated by candle light it gives it such an elegant atmosphere.

At the end of dinner you can place food in biodegradable containers and give friends and family the leftover food. Not many people turn down a great late night snack. Eating it will remind them of a wonderful evening. Now if you just have way more than you need don’t for get about the homeless this holiday season. I am sure your church or local shelter can help you find a place for all of that great holiday food.

Any invitations you use can be made from recycled paper. No trees need be cut down for your invitations, napkins, or paper cups if you decided to have a dinner with all paper products.

Our resources are winding down. Some of them are irreplaceable. Others we cannot replace at the speed we are using them. We must all take responsibility and help to preserve. If only one light switch at a time.

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