How to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving: 10 Green Tips

Thanksgiving is a great time to get eco-friendly. The season of Thanksgiving is about celebrating the land and what it has to offer to us, so respecting the environment is a good way to go for this holiday. Much can be done to waste and harm the environment on Thanksgiving, as celebrations are held around the globe. Products and food can be wasted, and energy can be used that doesn’t need to be. Because of the magnitude of people using the earth’s resources on this day, it is important to go green for Thanksgiving. Using eco-friendly products during Thanksgiving can immensely reduce the waste to the environment, because so many people use products during this Holiday season. Here are ten ways to go green for Thanksgiving:

1. Stay local or take public transportation. If you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving, stay local. Have your house guests ride bikes or walk to your home. This will save gas. Instead of flying, take a train. Conserve oil and gas during Thanksgiving.

2. Keep your thermostat at a reasonable setting, and start a fire in your fireplace to keep warm. If you normally

keep your temperature at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, try reducing it two degrees on Thanksgiving. This will conserve energy. If you have a fireplace that has never been used, get it cleaned and use it. You’ll conserve having to use other energy sources.

3. Avoid using paper products that aren’t recycled. Purchase all recycled paper products, if you need to have disposable plates and cups. Otherwise, use regular plates and cups that can be washed, so you don’t produce any waste.

4. Use local products. To go green this Thanksgiving, use local products. Go to Farmer’s markets to get fresh produce that was made locally. Get your sticky buns for Thanksgiving breakfast homemade from a local vendor instead of from a supermarket.

5. Use all of your leftovers. If you have too much food, let some of your guests take food with them. Whatever you do, don’t let any food go to waste. Serve leftovers in creative ways, such as a turkey salad for lunch the next day.

6. Buy small quantities of food, just enough to feed your family. If you usually make a ten pound turkey and no one eats the leftovers, get a smaller turkey this year. Avoid waste by purchasing food in smaller quantities, or making less food.

7. Reuse decorations. Use your decorations from last year instead of purchasing new ones. If you buy new ones this year, keep them and use them over and over. When picking decorations, choose things that will last for more than one season.

8. Use household items to make decorations. Instead of going out and buying things, get creative and make your own holiday decorations with things around your house that you would have thrown away.

9. Don’t try a new dish that no one may like. This isn’t the time to make a new stuffing that will go to waste. If you want to be eco-friendly, serve only tried and true items that your family loves to eat. If no one ever eats the green bean casserole, skip it.

10. Light candles instead of having all the lights on in the house. Creative a calm mood using candles to light the house. This will save you money on electricity, preserving resources.

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