How to Invite Guests to Your Thanksgiving Party

If you’re planning a Thanksgiving party, how are you going to invite your guests? Do you know how many options are available for inviting guests to your Thanksgiving party?

Mailing Invitations for Your Thanksgiving Party

There are those who host parties, including a Thanksgiving party, send out invitations through the postal service. Most people like receiving their invitations through the mail.

You will need to mail your Thanksgiving party invitations out earlier enough when using the postal service to give your guests ample time to buy any clothing, make arrangements for children if they aren’t on your guest list or to make sure their calendar is open for the day or evening of your Thanksgiving party.

You can use regular styles of invitations found at any retail store selling them. The more formal your party, the nicer your invitations should be.

Mailing a Note for Your Thanksgiving Party

You can use any type of stationary to invite your guests to your Thanksgiving party rather than buying invitations. You would need to write the time, place, and date of your party on the note to whoever you are sending it to. You can add a personal note to this type of invitation.

Calling Your Guests for the Thanksgiving Party

You can invite your Thanksgiving party guests by calling them with the information needed. You can bring up your Thanksgiving party during the course of the conversation. This type of inviting can become time consuming with those who like to talk quite a bit while on the phone.

Email Your Invitations for Your Thanksgiving Party Invitations

There are websites on the Internet that you can use to send out your invitations for your Thanksgiving party guests. You will need to make sure you have their email addresses in order to use this method.

Many of these websites will have a variety of invitations that can be used for emailing your guests. Even though in today’s society this will be the easiest and the cheapest way to go, you should keep in mind to give your invited guests ample time to reply and make the proper arrangements to attend your party.


While it doesn’t matter which of the methods you decide to use for inviting guests to your Thanksgiving party, you will want to give ample time for your guests to check their calenders, make arrangements for babysitters if children aren’t included in your guest list, and to buy any needed clothing depending on the setting of your party.

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