How to Make Big Fake Spiders for Halloween

Scary Yard Decor for Less

Big fake spiders are available in discount stores, but they are far cheaper in quality than they are in price, and they do not look the least bit scary or real. It is not necessary to buy cheaply designed eight-legged craft fur creatures for Halloween. Try this fun and easy way to make big fake spiders for Halloween, and have fun creating something truly impressive and very scary for the yard, porch, deck, or absolutely anywhere indoors or out.

Necessary Supplies to Make Big Fake Spiders

To make big fake spiders for Halloween you will need dry grapevines, clippers, a spool of craft wire, black plastic bags, wire cutters, and dried fall leaves. Fake webbing for the big spiders is optional. Bags of special batting that stretches into roughly spun webs to hold spiders can be found in discount stores around Halloween as well as online. Fake webbing material is cheap, and when used sparingly and stretched with care, it is very convincing. Spider webs crafted from narrow rope are also available online as well as in stores that sell Halloween yard and party d├ęcor.


Begin by cutting four sections of woody dried grapevine of the appropriate size when making the spiders. The lengths of grapevine will form the legs of the big fake Halloween spiders, and although they will not be uniform in shape, each creepy leg should curve downward.

Next, loosely stuff dried fall leaves into a black plastic bag. This will form the first big fake spider’s head and body. Secure the open end, and gather the plastic bag left of center. Secure it with a section of craft wire. The large end will form the body of each big fake Halloween spider, and the smaller end will form the head. These spiders look especially creepy up close or at a distance!

Lastly, gather the legs in the center, and secure them with a piece of twisted craft wire. Use additional craft wire to attach the body and head of the big fake Halloween spider to the grapevine legs.

Continue this crafting process and create several big fake Halloween spiders of various sizes for the porch, deck, or lawn. Unlike oversized chenille stems, the crooked grapevine legs make these big fake Halloween spiders especially frightening and realistic in appearance.

If desired, use red spray paint to make black widows for Halloween, and use bright yellow spray paint to create oversized garden variety spiders. With or without paint, these big fake Halloween spiders for the yard will give passersby a real chill.

Create an entire army of oversized Halloween spiders for the lawn and the exterior entryway of the home. Consider extending a fake web that extends around the outer areas of the front porch. Attach the spiders to deck balusters or supports using twine or craft wire. Chances are, these big fake Halloween spiders will keep everyone away!

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