How to Make Some Halloween Crafts Great for Any Age Over 2

As a mother of a small child I have to find many different ways to celebrate the different festivities and holidays. My little one loves to do crafts and we have developed some of the cutest Halloween crafts that are easy and take only a couple of steps to complete. The ones that I use are very easy for just about any age group over the age of 2. If the children are really young, you may consider cutting out some of the shapes and other things before getting started on the craft.

A cute Halloween craft for small children is Potato pumpkins. You are going to need a piece of poster, a potato and some paints. You will need to start by cutting the potatoes in half. Have an assistant or someone else go on ahead and start pouring the paints into paper plates or metal pie pans. Dip the end of the potato into the paint and allow the children to press the potato down onto the poster board and let dry. Then allow the children to paint black faces on the pumpkins and decorate them any way they want. If want to let the child make multiple pumpkins allow the child to stamp a couple of pumpkins down on one sheet.

Another great craft for children that they seem to love is called Halloween puppets. These are made out of black, white or orange images about the size of the child working on them palms. You make bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and even witches. You will have to help each child paint the shapes of the objects they one on the pieces of paper. To really make the puppets stick out, use things to decorate them with such as sequins, yarn, or glitter. Simply attach the cut out to the end of a craft or Popsicle stick and let dry after gluing.

The last adorable craft that children like to make is called Hand print cutouts for Halloween. All you are going to do is, trace your child’s hand on an orange piece of construction paper. You will then need to cut this out so do it yourself or allow the child to. The child will then make a Halloween character in the way they think one should look on the hand cutout. You can allow the child to glue on things like, feathers, sequins, glitter or even fall leaves. Making a spooky Halloween hand seemed to be little ones favorite craft.



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