How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations: Proper Storage

Halloween is fast becoming the second largest holiday of the year. Most of the people in my neighborhood have been adding to their Halloween displays every year. In order to continue to add to your Halloween display you must first decide what decorations you are going to keep and how you are going to keep them from year to year.

I keep my Halloween decorations in plastic tote containers with lids. The plastic containers will keep my decorations dry. If you store your decorations in an attic or in an outdoor shed, the plastic containers will also keep out critters and bugs.

I separate my Halloween decorations depending on whether they can be stored in the attic or if they need to be stored in a cooler place. Any decoration that contains wax or is made of a light weight plastic gets put in the basement. I have had wax candles melt in the attic causing a pretty good mess in my container of Halloween decorations.

If it is possible, it is a good idea to keep the original box that your Halloween decorations came in. Ceramic decorations often come in a box with molded Styrofoam specifically for that decoration. This is the best re-packing material you can get.

Almost any decoration can be saved from year to year. Window clings can be reused as long as you keep the paper that they came on. When you apply them, make sure your window is clean. This way the clings will not pick up any dust or dirt. When you are ready to take them down, just re-stick the cling to the paper. Make sure you store the cling decorations flat. You can put them on the bottom of your Halloween container.

For electronic Halloween decorations, remove the batteries before storage. This is especially important if you store your decorations in an attic or shed. Heat can cause batteries to leak and ruin your Halloween decorations.

You can wrap any Halloween stuffed animals in a plastic bag. This will keep dust off of the animals and protect the fabric from light or water. I also suggest using a plastic bag for any fiber-optic Halloween decorations. The bags will help keep the fiber-optics straight and prevent breakage.

We have kept the plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins that our kids used when they were little. These pumpkins have now become table top decorations. We have also stuffed old Halloween costumes with leaves and turned them into little scarecrows. We use the old costumes to wrap fragile decorations when we pack them away for the year.

Instead of passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, we normally pass out small toys. The kids love the spider rings, maze books, pencils, and stamps. I buy them in bulk and the Halloween items also go into my kids’ treat bags that they pass out for their school parties. I put any left over Halloween treats into plastic bags and store them with the Halloween decorations. I can pass out these toys to next year’s trick-or-treaters.

When storing outdoor decorations make sure the decorations are dry before packing them away for the year. This will prevent mold and mildew growth. For larger decorations you can store them in garbage bags instead of trying to fit them into containers.

Properly storing your Halloween decorations will save you time and money. Almost any Halloween decoration can be reused from year to year as long as you know how to store them.



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