How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations

Each year Halloween comes around and the prices seem to increase with each year that we celebrate it in America. It is possible though to save a few extra bucks starting this Halloween just by recycling those used Halloween decorations from the previous years. Since Halloween is a dark holiday, it does not have to be a perfectly clean and mended one.

Recycling Tip#1: Swap Halloween Decorations with Neighbors/Friends

One of the things that I get annoyed with holiday decorations is the repeated usage of the same ones each year. When I was a child though, our neighborhood was very close and we decided one year to swap decorations that we no longer wish to keep each year. We planned a sort of garage sale where we placed all the items on a few tables and swapped decorations. It was amazing how many people turned out the event and no one left unhanded. There were a few things leftover that we finally ended up giving to a local elementary school to use each year in celebration.

Recycling Tip #2:

Embellish Old Halloween Decorations

The best part of Halloween decorations is that everything does not have to look perfect. In fact, if something has a tiny rip, it actually looks more authentic. Each year, if a decoration does not look exactly perfect in my eyes but I wish not to swap the decoration, I try to embellish it. For instance, statues that have gotten small cracked can have spider webs added to give them a more spooky appearance. Or, a Halloween decoration can have tiny fake spiders glued on top of the crack or near it.

Recycling Tip #3: Use Old Halloween Costumes as Decorations

Since there are no rules to decorating, I love to use old costumes from when I was young as Halloween decorations. For instance, a small ghost costume can be hung from the ceiling as a hanging ghost. A mask can be placed over a candy bowl which requires trick- or-treat’ers to grab through the mouth of the mask to get to the candy. It is your time to be creative while being green this Halloween!

Recycling Tip #4: Renewable Halloween Card Decorations

Since I have friends from around the world, I am constantly getting holiday greetings in Halloween cards. Each country has a different style of celebration for Halloween (if it is celebrated) so the cards differ constantly. I take these cards each year and place them in frames to come out during the Halloween season. They are terrific for decorations that cost almost nothing. If I get a card that I like better than the ones that I already have, then I replace the old one with a new one. This way we always have a new decoration each year.

Recycling Tip #5: Repaint/Touchup old Decorations

If you are like me, you will want to keep your old decorations to use year after year. It seems like once you put the decorations up, it is time to take them down and replace them with Christmas ones. Since decorations are no cheap and they are only used for a few days out of the year, it is best to try to make them last as long as possible. So, each year when I am putting out the decorations and I have noticed the paint on statues or other decorations are dimming, I like to use nail polish or model paint to touch up the old paint. Make sure that you use a glass if the statue is glossing or a matte when it is matte. No one will notice the difference if you take your time and match the paint correctly with the original.

Recycling Tip #6: Let your Kids’ Make Decorations

Since my mother was an art teacher when I was young, she was constantly enriching our minds with construction projects. Each year when I was young, my mother used to take out the broken decorations (trash sharp or dangerous items) and add a few bottles of glue and miniature decorations such as tiny ceramic pumpkins, Halloween stickers and so on. All of these items were placed on a large newspaper covered table and we were given hours to make our own creations. My mothers still today has those creations in her house and are on display each year. It is the perfect memory and the perfect Halloween decoration that uses up those old decorations that could no longer be used.

Recycling Tip #7: Purchase Black and Orange Storage Containers

This is one of my easiest tips but many people make the mistake year after year. When Halloween comes around each year, plastic storage containers are sold in orange and black colors. Since Christmas storage containers are green and red, the Halloween containers make it easier to distinguish in your storage section of your house. It saves so much time sorting through the storage containers to find the Halloween ones.



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