How to Recycle Your Old Halloween Decorations

Every year, millions of Americans buy Halloween decorations to celebrate the fall holiday. And every year….millions of Americans throw or give away those decorations when Halloween is over. To me, this doesn’t really make since. The average American is not rolling in the dough so why get rid of your Halloween decorations every year? Even if you don’t have that much space, there are still ways to store at least some of your Halloween decorations without taking up a lot of room. I am a firm believer that almost any Halloween decoration is reusable as long as it isn’t perishable. I never get rid of ANY of my Halloween decorations if there is a chance I can reuse it in years to come. This article will give you a few ideas on what is reusable and how you can store it. By recycling and using your Halloween decorations again, you could save a few bucks every year

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #1: Storage

Before you even think of recycling your Halloween decorations for another year, you need to think about storage. Cardboard or plastic boxes are ideal for storing your Halloween decorations along with some plastic bags to protect some of the stuff you’re storing. Generally, Halloween decorations only get a month or less of use. That means that wherever you put your decorations, you won’t be looking at them 11 months out of the year. If you have extra space under your bed, in your shed/garage (if you have one) top shelf of the closet, that’s great. Use it. But if you have some storage spaces that are hard to get into, you have to climb up something to use it, that’s the place to put your Halloween decorations. Using a space that’s hard to get to for Halloween decorations would be perfect because you’ll only be getting up there twice a year. Once to take out and once to put away.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #2: Lights

Halloween strands of lights look colorful and really light up the night. They are also reusable. If you’ve hung them up with a staple gun, use a staple remover to take them down. If you’re used thumb tacks, carefully remove them and set them aside. If your strand of lights isn’t that long, take an empty food can (the kind green beans and corn come in) and start wrapping the cord in a circle around the can. Do this until the strand is wrapped all the way around the can. Hook the end of the cord under one of the strands. Your lights can now be stored in your Halloween decoration box and not get all tangled up with everything else. If one of your light bulbs burn out, you can replace it with other one. If you do not have another one, use one of the extra light bulbs that you get with a Christmas strand to make it as good as new.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #3: Inflatables

Inflatable decorations are becoming more and more popular around the holidays, Halloween included. All you have to do is plug in an air pump that comes with your inflatable and it pops up as an instant decoration in your yard. But what do you do with it after Halloween? Instead of giving it away, deflate it and pack it up in the box it came in. If you didn’t save the box, use a bag to store the inflatable part in and put the pump and bag into a secure box for easy saving.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #4: Knick Knacks

Knick Knacks are aplenty around Halloween. There are knick knacks that you can display outdoors and indoors. Witches, Ghosts, Goblins, Pumpkins, Vampires galore, made out of plastic, glass and more. Depending on the size of the item, you can store these in a box. If they’re glass, you’ll want to wrap them in newspaper securely so they don’t break. If they are not extremely fragile, you can stack them on top of each other in a box.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #5: Table D├ęcor

If you have decorated your table with a tablecloth and placemats, these are very easy to save and reuse. If it’s all cloth, you can fold them and store them OR wrap them around Halloween breakables and store them that way. Some vinyl placements and tablecloths can be saved. With the placemats, you’ll want to place them at the bottom or side of a box that they’ll stay flat. With the tablecloth, fold it down as small as you can, and then tuck it into a corner of the box.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #6: Fake Bugs, Snakes, Skeletons, and Body Parts

If you’ve done some decorating with fake bugs, snakes, skeletons and/or plastic body parts, you may want to tuck them away for next year. The small pieces can fit into small and gallon size freezer bags. Large trash bags can store larger pieces. What I don’t recommend saving is the fake cobwebs that come with plastic spiders. The spiders can be saved but the cobwebs get dirty and nasty from hanging outside.

How to Recycle Old Halloween Decorations #7: Flat Halloween Decorations

Flat Halloween decorations are generally tombstones and decorative signs with spooky pictures. These are very easy to store. You can either store them without putting them in anything (but they could get messed up from bumps/animals/bugs) or wrap them in large trash bags. Depending on their size, you can store them in your Halloween box or put them behind a bookcase, wherever there is space.

If you have some decorations that you just simply don’t want to hold on to year after year, please consider donating them to a thrift store instead of putting them in the trash bin. Thrift stores sell them around the holidays to make money for their organization and helps by not sending more items to the dump.



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