Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts and Halloween Treats

These Halloween crafts and treats are simple and fun for the kids to help Mom make.

1 package Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
1 Package Hot Dog Buns
Cheddar Cheese Slices
Halloween Shaped Cookie Cutters

Place one weenie inside of a bun and then use a cookie cutter and cut the slices of cheese into different shapes and place them on top of the weenie. Garnish with two olives and leave the pimento stuffed inside the olive so that the pimento looks like eyes.

Bucket of Bugs
Fill a small plastic toy bucket with gummy worms and spiders and crumble up oreo cookies on top of the bugs to look like dirt. Mix this all together.

Pumpkins On A Stick
Pour orange Kool-Aid into Halloween shaped ice trays and set them in the freezer until they are almost set. Insert Popsicle sticks into the center of each pumpkin and freeze until totally frozen. These make cute Halloween treats for then kids. They can also be used as ice cubes for the drinks.

Jell-O Scaries
Fill a plastic ice cube tray that has Halloween shapes in them up with orange jello and let them set in the freezer. Place a gummy spider or worm on top of each jiggler before they set.

Sand “witches”
All you need to make these little cuties is cut slices of bread using a witch shaped cookie cutter. Make peanut butter & jelly sand “witches” or any other kid favorite sand “witch”.

Kool-Aid Cauldron
Mix orange flavored Kool-Aid and then pour into a cast iron bucket with a handle. Use the bottom part of a small round BBQ grill and set a piece of dry ice inside and place the grill plate back on top. Set the Kool-Aid on top of the BBQ grill and watch the smoke begin. You can find any size of Cauldron on the website Go check them out.

Halloween Popcorn Snack Bags
Pop the popcorn and mix in roasted peanuts, walnuts, cashews and Halloween M& M’s and Halloween shaped pumpkin candy. Fill a Halloween decorated snack bag up with the popcorn mix and twist tie the top together. Give these as treats as the guests leave.

Black As Night Cupcakes
1 Box Betty Crocker Cake Vanilla Flavor
1 Tub White Frositng
Candy Corn

Prepare the cake according to the baking directions. Add black food coloring to the cake batter and mix well. Bake as directed. Use orange food coloring to make the icing a bright pumpkin orange color and frost the cupcakes after they have cooled. Sprinkle on some crushed Oreo cookies on top of each cupcake and then place one piece of candy corn on top of each cupcake.

Graveyard Cake
Prepare any flavor cake and once the cake has cooled place the cake onto a piece of cardboard and then frost the cake with your choice of frosting flavor. Crush up Oreo Cookies and then sprinkle the crumbs on top of the cake and be sure to cover the cake enough where none of the frosting shows if you use white frosting. Next take a piece of a graham cracker and stick down into the cake. These will be the tombstones. You can use a tube of black icing and write R.I.P. or whatever you like on each tombstone before you insert them into the cake. Next, take a pastry bag that does not have a tip on it and put blobs of cool whip on top of the graveyard and then put two raisins in each blob of cool whip to be the eyes of all the ghosts. Then sprinkle on a small bag of mini Skulls & Bone by Willie Wonka on top of the dirt.

Cookie Spiders
Chocolate chip cookies (need 2 per spider)
Mini Black M&M’s
Small Pretzel Sticks or Black Licorice Strings (you will need 8 for each spider you make)

For each spider you make you will need 2 round chocolate chip cookies and a container of icing. Place a glob of icing on one cookie and place the other cookie on top and press slightly down to join them together. Then take either 8 pretzel sticks or 8 pieces of the licorice and place 4 of each on the sides of the cookies to form the legs. Use a dab of the icing and place two of the mini M&M’s on top for the spider’s eyes.

You can also use Town House butter crackers and peanut butter to make these spiders but kids always like cookies the best. Besides it is Halloween and Halloween is all about the kids & the sweet treats.

Paper Sack Lights
The kids can cut out holes for the pumpkin faces and then place glow sticks inside of the paper bags instead of candles and set these outside your front door and use them as lighting instead of electricity. Place some of these along the sidewalk that leads up to your front door.

Fabric Ghosts
Cut a piece of scrap material in a square and then cut out a piece of foam into a circle and place the foam under the piece of fabric in the center and gather the bottom together and tie with a piece of craft rope. Use a marker and draw on the eyes and then attach another piece of rope through the top of the fabric using a needle and use this to hang the ghosts on the front door and in the trees and bushes of your lawn. You can use different sizes of foam and make the whole family of ghosts to display in your trees & bushes. You can also use old buttons for the eyes instead of a marker.

Halloween Scarf
These are so simple kids can make these to give out at their Halloween party a favors. All I did to make this was I used a Halloween printed piece of fleece that was 4 1./2 feet long and 4 inches wide. I trimmed the edges to make them all even and then all I did was used a craft knife and went up about 4 inches on each end and cut the fleece into strips. I went up the end of the fleece about 4 inches so that I would have enough room to tie the ends into a knot & add a little more pizzazz to each scarf. Viola! There is my scarf. No sewing at all. I can make a comfy soft scarf in less than five minutes. The possibilities are endless. You can make bandannas for your pet too in a snap. I like using fleece because it does not fray.

Everyone Have A Safe & Happy Halloween!



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