Kids Crafts, Make Your Own Halloween Jewelry

Dressing up for Halloween does not mean just wearing a costume. Dress yourself and your kids up all week long with cute Halloween shirts and make your own Halloween jewelry to coordinate with it!

Make Your Own Halloween Jewelry – Supplies

You can purchase the items to make your own Halloween jewelry at your local craft store or Wal-Mart. To make the beads, you will need to purchase Sculpey polymer clay and some clay tools if needed. You will also need to purchase some sort of string, elastic works well for kids, and some plastic beads of your color choice. As far as beads, the large ones that come with about 100 per bag are perfect and come in a variety of colors.

Make Your Own Halloween Jewelry – Making the Beads

Making the polymer clay Halloween beads is fun. You don’t have to be a professional artist to make great beads. Just get a picture of a candy corn, a scarecrow, or anything Halloween that you would like to make. The picture included with this article shows beads that I have made for use as Halloween jewelry. The polymer clay costs about $10 for enough to make fifty beads or more depending on the size. Practice makes perfect so if you do not like your first attempt, try try again. Take a look at and search polymer clay beads to find ideas of what other artists are making. You may even get good enough to sell your Halloween beads on Ebay.

Just mold your clay, detail it with tools and other colors of clay, and then use a small nail to make a hole through your bead to allow you to string it. When making the stringing hole for your Halloween beads, think of which way you want them to lay and make the hole accordingly. Once you have made your stringing hole, you are ready to bake your beads according to the manufacturers directions. Keep in mind that you must make the stringing hole prior to baking your beads because once they are baked they will be to hard to make a hole without using a drill.

Make Your Own Halloween Jewelry – Making the Bracelets or Necklaces

Measure out the length that you need your Halloween bracelet or necklace to be plus about one each to allow for tying the end. Prior to stringing your piece, you should plan out what you want it to look like by placing the beads in planned order on your work area. Once you start stringing your Halloween jewelry, do not be afraid to change it up or start over to make it perfect.

Once you have finished stringing your Halloween jewelry, tie off the end and you are done. You now have made your own Halloween jewelry and are ready to make more!



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