Let Kids Help Decorate for Halloween with These Fun Crafts

Halloween is a kids’ holiday. They get to dress up, eat candy and do all kinds of fun crafts to decorate the house with! Here are some fun crafts we like to do to decorate our house with for Halloween.

The first craft we found on Martha Stewart’s website. You will need to go here to get the template. This craft is super simple and all it requires is a printer, black construction paper, grey construction paper, tape, scissors and a pencil.

Print out the template from Martha Stewart’s website.

Cut out each of the mice.

Trace the mice onto the black and the grey construction paper. Cut out the mice from the construction paper.

Use tape, either double sided tape or just tape rolled up, to tape the mice up around your house.

Putting multiple mice in the same location adds to the impact and will catch people’s eye easier. Using the grey and the black construction paper adds dimension to the silhouettes.

The next project we did was to make scary ghost foot prints. This is super easy. Just paint your child’s bare feet with Glow-Away washable glow in the dark paint purchased at Michael’s and let your child run across your porch, through your front door and up or down the stairs. Re-apply the paint after every couple of steps. Do this during the day when the sun is out so the sun can activate the paint. Then at night when the sun goes down the feet print will glow and you will have foot prints running all over!

Use the same glow in the dark washable paint to put hand prints on the doors and windows.

Another craft project you can do with the kids is to let them create their own spooky placemat. Give the kids a few magazines, catalogs and store ads to cut out their favorite objects and glue onto a piece of construction paper making a Halloween collage. Then use clear contact paper to cover the collage and use as a placemat.

If you have large rolls of black paper available to you, you can let your kids lay down on sheets of black paper with their arms and hands in different positions, above their head, on their head, giving themselves moose antlers, etc and trace their outlines onto the paper. Then cut the outlines out and tape up into the windows of the house or school room.



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