Make a Thanksgiving Clay Pot Turkey

A Fun and Easy Decoration Craft

Thanksgiving decorations run the gamut from cornucopias to wreaths in gorgeous fall colors. But making them can be time consuming, messy, and even frustrating. For a simple and original Thanksgiving craft, a clay pot turkey is easy, glue-free, and fun to make with the kids. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
Materials needed to make your clay pot turkey can be purchased for less than $7.00 at Wal-Mart, if you don’t have some of them at home already. You’ll need a clean clay pot ($.46 for a 4 inch standard), Styrofoam ($1.97 for two, you cut to shape), craft feathers ($1.96 per large bag), pipe cleaners ($.62 per bag), and push pins ($.96 per box, two needed for eyes). Optional are paints for the pot ($.48 per bottle).
Insert one Styrofoam ball into the pot, slightly higher than the top. Cut and shape the other ball into the head of the turkey, inserting a folded pipe cleaner for the beak and one for the waddle. Insert two pushpins for eyes. Use one pipe cleaner, pushed as far in as possible, to secure the head to the Styrofoam in the pot. Pins may also be used for stabilization.

One at a time, carefully insert feathers into the Styrofoam in the pot, forming the plumage of the turkey. Use smaller feathers for the plume at the top of the head. Fill in as much or as little as you like until you reach your desired effect. Children especially love this part of the activity, as they can be creative with the color placement.

Optionally, paint feathered wings and/or feet onto your pot and allow it to dry overnight. This is the step that might make your project messy. An alternative to paints are colored permanent markers, ($4.99 for a set of six colors). Use pencil to design your artwork first, as permanent markers are not as forgiving as paints and cannot be wiped away.

Your clay pot turkey is now finished and ready for display. Because you will have ample leftover supplies, you could purchase additional clay pots and Styrofoam to make at least five additional turkey decorations.

You can also make a larger clay pot turkey centerpiece for your Holiday table by scaling the size of the pot and Styrofoam to fit you needs. If your kids go a little crazy adding feathers, you can easily fix it by removing some, or just allow the colors to explode. This clay pot turkey is a wonderful decorative craft for family Thanksgiving fun

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