Making the Kid Table Fun at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the eating Holiday. Everyone gathers around the table and eats until they can’t eat anymore. Thanksgiving is also the Holiday to be thankful for the things and people in our lives. One of the ways to show the kids in your life that you are thankful for them is to make Thanksgiving less boring for them. Thanksgiving can be a time when kids get bored since all the adults do is eat, watch television and talk. Here are some ideas to help make the kids table at your Thanksgiving more fun.

Cover the kids table with a large piece of paper and place some crayons in the center of the table. Then have the kids draw pictures of the things they are thankful for. If the kids can write then they can write the things they are thankful for.

Place a war bonnet or a pilgrim hat on each place setting so the kids can sit by the place setting of their choice. The child can be a pilgrim or an Indian and play as they eat.

Take some colored paper and cut out the shapes of a turkey like the feathers, head and body. Then give the child some glue and let them glue together some turkeys that can be used as place settings.

As you set the kids table take a crayon and write a different number under the plate. Place the same number on small pieces of paper into a hat. After the children are seated at the plates then draw a number out of the hat. Ask the children to turn the plate over and look at the number. The child with the same number on their plate as was drawn from the hat wins a prize.

Give the kids some paper about the size of a place mat and some crayons and let them make there own placemat to use on the kids table.

Put a cup of candy corn by each plate on the kids table for a tasty decoration.
Give the kids a paper cup some glue and feathers and let them make a turkey cup with the feathers, glue and cup.
Make each child a small pie, all their own that they don’t have to share with anyone and place it by their table setting.

Children like to be like adults so get some of those plastic wine glasses and put a small amount of juice with a piece of fruit like a cherry in them so they can have a fancy drink too.

Give each child a large piece of paper and have them color them to their liking. Then curl the paper into a cone shape and tape the paper into the cone shape. Let the kids wear them during Thanksgiving dinner.

Decorate the kids table nicely for Thanksgiving so they feel special. Give each child a tiny stuffed animal at their place setting or let them eat Thanksgiving dinner with their favorite stuffed animal next to them. If you make the kids table festive and happy then the kids will be entertained longer making the adults time more fun too.

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