My Family’s Thanksgiving Day Tradition

This article is about my family’s Thanksgiving Day tradition. Every year it is the same we never change anything.
Every year on Thanksgiving we have the same meal which consists of Turkey of course, stuffing, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, Ham, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, corn , green beans, gravy, pumpkin pie, cheese cake, coconut creme pie, and, Oreo pie. This is what we have every year for Thanksgiving.

I know it is a lot, but we have a bog family. Every year on Thanksgiving, my entire family comes to my grandparents house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every year before we start eating dinner we all get together and watch the Christmas parade on television.

It is so nice to get together with family on the holidays because sometimes you don’t get to see them at all. Everybody in my family has either moved or is to busy to come during a random day to get together and visit.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holiday’s my family looks forward for seeing family members they have not seen in a long time. Most of the grand kids are married and have kids of their own now so they get to start their own traditions at their own houses.

One thing will never change though, the tradition of going to the grandparents house and spending time with them before it is too late to do so because they are up in years.

I come from a big family that takes like 3 dinning room tables to fit everybody in the same room. So our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions usually consist of a lot of food. Also a lot of desert.

Also, we always bring a dish from our own home to put on the table to eat as well. If it be dinner food or desert it does not matter so we always have left overs for like a week. Nobody leaves my grandmother’s house hungry. If you do it is your own fault is what she always says.

It is good to have family traditions during the holidays because you can look back on all of them even when you were a little kid and think nothing has changed from when I was little. It is a good feeling when you get to look back on your lives especially on the holidays when those are the best times in your life to know that everything has stayed the same throughout the years.

Families are forever no matter how mad you get at them they will always be there no matter what. Which makes Christmas and Thanksgiving so much better in my life.

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