No-Sew Halloween Craft – Halloween Wreath

An Easy DIY Project on a Budget

Want to spruce up your front door for trick or treaters this year? Adding a decorative colorful wreath is an excellent way to do this. By using colors themed towards the holiday and a few accessories you can turn an ordinary wreath into a spooky extraordinary wreath to welcome the ghosts and goblins in your family home. If you choose colors like orange browns and blacks you can even stretch the holiday wreath into a fall wreath that can stay up all season long.

What you will need:

1 circular wreath form made out of Styrofoam or hay.

1 yard of material, in orange, black, yellow and brown or spooky Halloween patterned material. (more or less may be needed to match the size of your wreath) you can even use all black and stretch a fake spider web across it.

plastic or wood Halloween decorations. Small inexpensive spiders, pine cones, fake spider webs, a witches hat can even be placed around the wreath to give it character.

A flathead screwdriver

Pinking shears (scissors with saw tooth blades)

How to make your wreath:

  1. With your picking shears cut your fabric into even sized square pieves. (2 inch by inch, three inch by three inch). A fuller wreath can be created with larger sized squares. The pinking shears will create a finished edge, no sewing involved.
  2. With only one layer of fabric, lay the square on your wreath form. With the screwdriver, push the fabric from the center of the square into the form. The form should hold the fabric in place when you remove the screwdriver. If you choose to use a hay form, it is best to leave the wreath in its plastic casing as this will prevent loose hay from falling everywhere, and the plastic also keeps the fabric tight.
  3. Continue pushing the fabric into the form with the screwdriver until none of the form is visible. You can place as much or as little fabric around to create the desired fullness of your wreath. If you find your fabric is falling out you can place a dab of glue on the fabric before it is pushed in. You can also push the fabric in further.
  4. Attach the accessories you choose to add to your wreath with glue, ribbon or plastic twist ties. If you want to reuse this wreath as a fall colored wreath choose items that can be removed easily. Or swap the items with a thanksgiving colored ribbon. Halloween and Thanksgiving basically use the same color theme and can be swapped in order to save money and time making a new wreath.

Under your supervision this craft can be done with children. It can be adapted to many other holidays just by changing the fabric you use into whatever holiday you wish. Fake flowers are also a good option to add to your wreath if you want a classy looking wreath. It is a completely customizable project that can be done cheaply.



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