October, Halloween and a Festive Fall

Crafts and Fall Family Time

Fall is such a cozy time of the year where family, crafts, and that festive fall feeling dominates our everyday lives beginning in October. For most areas, the weather conditions warrant families to snuggle at home and prepare for the winter months to come and the approaching holidays.

Festive Fall Atmosphere

For my family, the weather brings about chilling evenings and October 31st seems to be the coldest as we trek out for some trick or treating. Our fall festivities are kicked off with the smell of wood burning stoves and the dampness of the upcoming winter months. So you may ask: what do we do with all of our time since it is so cold? Continue to read this article and you will know how to snuggle up with some family Halloween crafts and creating a festive environment.

Halloween Decorations and Costume Crafts

The holiday times are all about spending time with family. I encourage families to visit a variety of web sites to find some craft ideas for your family members; after all, you will need Halloween decorations and costumes! I might first suggest that your family begins with some hot chocolate, tea, or hot apple cider while you browse the following web sites for some free Halloween craft ideas. You may find craft ideas for Halloween that range from simple small indoor decorations to outside Halloween lawn decoration at http://www.allcrafts.net/halloween.htm. This web site also provides some neat costume ideas for your children. Children will be able to pick the costumes that they would like to make. This is sure to create a fun filled festive fall family environment! Another favorite choice would be to visit http://www.makingfriends.com/halloween.htm which offers “crafts for kewl kids”. This web site alone offers 40 costume ideas.

A Fall Environment

On a more grown up note, adults enjoy the fall season as well. To really get into the holiday spirits and fall season I recommend that you provide an inviting environment. My favorite is to decorate end tables or coffee tables with some fall leaves, place mats, or decorations that your children have made for you in school. Next I would suggest that you create a family tradition for each holiday. This family tradition could be decorating together, a family craft night, or even a family game night or the reading of a special holiday book. Finally, I would burn some candles that smell of pumpkin or spices. This is sure to create a cozy home festive environment.

Parents to Enjoy the Season

As parents we usually get wrapped up in our jobs and busy schedules. The fall season seems to kick off the holidays for us all. Let your hair down, relax, involve the family, and if need be go back to your own childhood memories and drag out the color book and crayons while you enjoy the month of October, Halloween and a festive fall. After all, you Halloween and fall season only happens one time a year!



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