Online Christmas Cross-Stitch Patterns

Companies that Provide Christmas Cross-Stitch Pattern Books, Leaflets and Kits Online

Being a lover of embroidery work, I am always looking for new cross-stitch patterns in the form of books, leaflets, and kits to add to my ever-growing collection. I often do a Google search to find the latest cross-stitch companies that have developed websites with online ordering. I check their website for ease-of-use, security, what type of selections they have, prices, and once satisfied that the website meets my specifications, will take advantage of the convenience of online purchasing, and place my order for cross-stitch patterns and kits. Each company’s website has its own design to display their cross-stitch patterns using themes, designer names, manufacturers, and publisher, just to name a few. One theme that is popular with most cross-stitch suppliers is Christmas. With an appropriate link to Christmas cross-stitch patterns buyers can easily browse an assortment of books, leaflets, and kits. Below are five of my favorite online cross-stitch stores.

The Stitchery

Although I feel this one is a little on the pricey side, it does provide a wide variety of Christmas cross-stitch patterns to choose from including tree skirts, stockings, and ornaments. You can also sort the Christmas list from low to high prices, high to low prices, most popular, and newest first. Prices range from $7.99 to $89.99 with discounted items listed in between this range.

Joann Fabrics and Crafts

This company also has a large variety to choose from with approximately 266 different Christmas cross-stitch patterns including ornaments, notions, and much more. Buyers can write and read reviews, and rate each item on quality, and value. Items display the regular price, and the sale price in red, with prices starting below $5.00.


I have ordered from this company for years and love the variety of products they have listed for sale. Each summer and fall, they always have new Christmas cross-stitch patterns on sale, as well as old ones, which are priced reasonably. Herrschners also lists the regular price and the sale price in red. In addition, they list how many of a particular item they have left, so a buyer knows right away if they have the available quantity for purchase. I am on their mailing list, which entitles me to weekly sales, and the occasional free shipping enticements.

Everything Cross-Stitch

This company’s name describes it perfectly as they have everything an embroidery crafter could want. They have broken down their patterns into sections labeled kits, patterns, supplies, clearance, and featured designer. These sections provide easy access for a buyer to browse the large variety of cross-stitch patterns. The category, patterns, is then broken down into topics, then holidays, and Christmas. Prices range from under $5.00 and up, with sale prices listed in red.

Leisure Arts Publications

A leading publisher of craft books, leaflets, DVDs, and more, Leisure Arts is dedicated to producing high quality cross-stitch patterns. Their website is easy to use, but requires utilization of the websites search engine to find specific Christmas cross-stitch items. They have a Bargain Books area displaying leaflets and books at a starting price of $2.00. With 200 different Christmas cross-stitch patterns to choose from the only problem a crafter will have is trying to decide on which patterns to purchase.

1-2-3 Stitch

This is another one of my favorite companies for online cross-stitch ordering. Their variety of Christmas cross-stitch patterns seems endless as you browse through page after page of colorful patterns. The tabs at the top of the homepage easily help the buyer browse to the craft of their choice. Clicking on the Cross Stitch Designs tab will produce a drop down list of Subjects, Designers, Kits, and Cross-Stitch for Beginners. Clicking on Subjects will then bring up an alphabetic listing of different categories, one being Christmas. What follows is an endless list of Christmas cross-stitch patterns and kits with varied prices. Sale prices are listed in red.

It is impossible for me to list the many different Christmas cross-stitch patterns these companies have available. However, I can say, you will not be disappointed when browsing the thousands of patterns listed by these companies. If I had to name a favorite Christmas cross-stitch pattern, it would be any pattern with a snowman. Cross-stitch patterns come in pre-printed form (stamped) or counted cross-stitch. Counted cross-stitch is considered the more difficult of the two by many people as it involves more skill.

Notes: When shopping online, make sure the website provides online security before ordering. Start your Christmas cross-stitch six months ahead of time so it will be done in plenty of time for Christmas.


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