Original Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving centerpieces can be simple or elaborate, handmade or store bought. They can be made by the hands of a small child or an expert florist. A Thanksgiving centerpiece is a reflection of your good friends and family. You’ve come together to enjoy a celebration of good will. Here’s five original ideas to make your Thanksgiving table memorable.

1. Mini pumpkin tea lights


*Ten miniature pumpkins

*Ten tea lights

*Glass plate

*Tools for carving

*Several Thanksgiving themed picks or sprays


Carve a tea light sized hole from each pumpkin. Place a tea light in each one. Stack and scatter the tea light pumpkins randomly on the plate. Fill the gaps in with the picks and sprays. Light candles just before dinner.

2. Silver and gold gourds


*1 can each of silver and gold spray paint

*Pedestal cake plate

*Gourds in a variety of sizes and shapes

*Artificial fall leaf sprigs from a craft store.


Spray paint half the gourds silver, the other half gold. Let dry. While they’re drying, spray paint your leaves lightly with gold. Let the natural color show slightly. When the leaves are dry, scatter them randomly on the plate Let the edges hang over. Now place and stack the dry painted gourds on the leaf bed.

3. Giving thanks log book


*Wrought iron book stand

*Guest book


*Assorted fall floral picks


Wrap the exposed areas of the book stand with the floral picks. Glue in place if needed. Set your book stand and guest book with pen on the table. Each year at Thanksgiving dinner, your guests can sign the book with a note about what they are thankful for. In time this will become a delightful reminder of the good things in your lives.

4. Friends light the way – Have each guest bring a glass with a fall colored candle in it. Do not specify shape, size or color. You should end up with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and heights of glasses. Scatter the glasses randomly in the center of the table for an unusual lighted display. This display symbolizes and celebrates the differences in our friends and family. It shows how we all come together on Thanksgiving.

5. Spilling edible harvest


*Mixed nuts in the shell

*4-5 apples of different types

*4-5 pears

*Medium sized basket

*Wide fall themed ribbon


Fill the bowl randomly with the apples and pears. Place some of the nuts in the spaces between the fruit. Pour the rest gently over the fruit, letting some tumble onto the table. Tie a large bow on the handle of the basket using the wide ribbon. Let the ends of the ribbon fall loosely onto the table, among the nuts.

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