Painting Halloween Windows

Want to decorate, but don’t have a lot of room (though you do have large windows) or are you a business trying to attract more customers with your spooky sales? Then one should try window painting your Halloween themed sale one the window. The bright colors as well as the silly or scary characters will catch the customer’s eye and clean up is easy. It does not take much to get going, just a few simple products and you are on your way to creating a one of a kind temporary work of sale promoting art.

Preparation is the key. A clean window is a happy window. Clean your window with warm water and a soft clean cloth. If you must use a cleaner, make sure that it will not leave a film behind as the paint will not adhere properly to the glass.

Now that your window is clean, let’s start with the obvious – paints. Acrylic paints give the best coverage and can hold up to weather if you are prone to a lot of rain. When purchasing acrylics make sure to read the label. Do not get paints that say for glass as it will be permanent and no one wants a pumpkin grinning at them for the new year. Tempra (poster) paint is also another option, though it does not have the best coverage and will run if wet. Tempra paints are best used if you want to paint from the inside to help protect the art.

Brushes are the next to think about; synthetic white brushes offer an even paint release, though anything can be used for effect. Natural sponges work well for the dappling effect they produce. Brushes made of natural material or labeled soft do not work well for even coverage, though they will give texture and depth to your work.

A few more items and you are good to go; a foam plate to help mix colors to get the proper shade; a drop cloth to protect the sidewalk or floor of your business from any messes; and finally masking tape to mark off where you do not want paint.

Now that you have your equipment, it is time for the design and painting. If you are able to freehand your design, use a wax pencil to sketch out your design. Otherwise, there are fabulous stencils and designs that can be found and taken to an office supply store to enlarge. Once a stencil has been printed, tape it to the opposite side you want to paint. It should be noted that if there is lettering, tape the stencil on the inside and paint the outside, otherwise your lettering and words will be reversed.

Time to paint. Large areas need a large brush, while smaller detail work needs a small brush. Keep your brush clean between colors to make sure you do not muddy the colors. Between colors, if you are adding shading or details, allow the paint to dry between coats.

Now the hard part, the clean up – it is quite simple also and is even easier if you can get one of your goblins to do it. The equipment is (1) a spray bottle with water and (2) a straight edge or old credit card. Wet the painted area and let it sit for a moment and then scrape away with the straight edge or credit card. Once all the paint is removed wash window with cleaner.

Now it is time to bring on the customers who are attracted to your Halloween masterpiece, just make sure you have enough of the gummy fangs as they are going to sell fast.


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