Poor Man’s Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Well the Christmas holiday always creeps up on us quickly every year, even though we know it’s coming. Do we save for the big event of gift giving? Most of us would say NO! All through the year there are many unexpected financial adventures that could leave us feeling a little strapped for cash, and if you come from a big family like I do, the stress of finding great gifts at low prices sometimes may be difficult, if not impossible. This left me only to do by the means of my finances, and the knowing that a little creativeness goes along way. These gift Idea’s say anything but cheap. There quirky, and only add to the warm feelings of the person your giving it to.

The Gift Basket For The Family With Children:

Have you ever thought Salvation Army? or your local thrift store? By shopping here not only are you saving money but your doing a good Christmas deed , and contributing to a good cause. Your Christmas shopping starts here.
Look for a large gently used basket, matching coffee mugs (depending on how many there are to the family your giving to), a great fabric napkin to line the bottom of your basket, and a gently used tin. All these objects are surely washable. Next go find a great family movie. I have found many good movies for five dollars and under. Now off to a discount retail store to fill your tin with individual hot cocoa packets, and microwave popcorn. Insert all your item’s as a professional would, with a nice cellophane wrap and top it off with a personalized tag stating this basket is good for one free family night of togetherness.
For this basket you can swap out the movie and popcorn for boxed brownie and cake mix with frosting and dollar store utensils needed to make the mixes.

The Gift Basket For couples:

Again……Local thrift store for a smaller basket, 2 matching mugs, fabric napkin, and gently used tin. Next a good movie for couples (so what if they seen it before), two hot cocoa packets and microwave popcorn. The twist is fill the tin with two nips of peppermint schnapps for there hot cocoa. Arrange it in a professional manor and top of with a message stating: Good for one night of quiet couple time. You can also swap out the movie for a personalized CD of romantic songs downloaded from the Internet being sure to include there special love song.

The Gist Basket For Singles:

Small used basket, one fabric napkin, and one mug. Depending on gender one action packed movie/ or tear jerker. Please Note: ” You can never go wrong with comedy”. Forget the tin and fill the basket once again with a hot cocoa packet, one nip of your choice, and a microwave popcorn.

The possibilities are endless if you just use your creativeness and imagination.

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