Prayers for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

At Thanksgiving, as we gather together, we do wish to offer thanks to God for the blessings we have received. Because it is a special time, we wish to offer a special prayer; a prayer of Thanksgiving. This causes us to pause and to consider the words we choose for our prayer more carefully, for most often this prayer of thanksgiving is said at our gathering, before the meal, which celebrates our joining together, our gratefulness, our thanks to God. This prayer, like all prayers, should be words spoken from the heart, an open communication with and to God, using words that simply put express our gratitude. Because our prayer is said in a voice for all at the table, we feel a duty to do our best, to make this prayer one which will draw us together as children of God speaking to our Father.
For me, on Thanksgiving Day, I would pray:

O Lord, our Father, who gathered us together this day,

as we celebrate our joys, our blessings, our family ties, to you we pray.

We join together with grateful hearts, humble hearts, and joyous hearts to thank you.

Bless this meal, allow us to enjoy the food which will strengthen us, provide us nourishmen,t for our service in

your name.

Please join with us, lead us, and guide us this day and every day.

On this day of thanksgiving we offer our gratitude and thanks.

For the children, perhaps at a separate children’s table, I would offer a children’s prayer of thanksgiving:

Thank you God, for our family.

Thank you God, for our friends.

Thank you God, for this food.

Thank you God , for this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanks to you, God, for everything.


Your prayer may be shorter, longer, more inclusive of personal or family situations, offering thanksgiving for specific blessings received throughout this past year.

In creating your Thanksgiving prayer, you may do so at the table before the meal speaking directly from the heart to God. You may decide you would like to write your prayer in advance to avoid being tongue tied or anxious. The important thing in offering your prayer is that you feel comfortable and able to express your thoughts freely. The fact that you took time in advance to write your prayer does not mean that it is not heartfelt at as the words are spoken. In fact, planning your prayer in advance may allow you to be more thoughtful, to express your gratitude more clearly, and to offer the prayer more confidently. If you write your prayer on a small paper or card, you may place it on the table in front of you so that you may bow your head as you offer the prayer.

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