Pumpkin Crafts: Festive Fall Candle Jars

These pumpkin tea light candle holders are a perfect way to add an extra special touch to your fall decorating. By using materials from your recycling bin this craft can be an inexpensive way to spruce up your house for the season and bring a little “green” to your fall crafts. Supplies are few and easy to find – any clean jar with a smooth surface and a few acrylic paints will do. For the above photo I used mason and baby food jars, but there is really no right kind of jar to use for this craft. The idea is to work with things you already have on hand. In fact, you can use old drinking glasses, coffee mugs, anything deep enough for the candle to safely burn inside will work for this project. When you have conquered pumpkins, try painting a few jars white for ghostly candle holders, or green for a scary monster face. You can also place a spray of artificial fall leaves around the base to create a festive seasonal centerpiece for your table.
Hints and Tips
In a pinch you can use any kind of acrylic craft paint for this project, but it helps to consider the surface you are painting on before you get started. For example, if you are painting on glass, iridescent glass paint allows the candle light to glow through beautifully. And ceramic paint will stick better to coffee mugs.


Assorted glass jars or other containers, any size
Assorted paint brushes
Iridescent glass paint OR acrylic craft paint in orange, green, black, white, red and yellow

Make sure all jars are clean and dry before you begin painting.

Start by painting a base coat of pumpkin orange on your jars. If you are using iridescent glass paint, it may take three or more layers to coat the jar. Be patient, and let the paint dry completely between each layer.

After your orange base coat is dry, paint the rim of your jars green, and add jack-o-lantern faces. Be creative! You can make any kind pumpkin faces you like on your jars – the only limit is your imagination!


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